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Electric stroller with 12V10AHAGM battery specifications and model

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Electric stroller with 12V10AHAGM battery specifications and modelIV) Strengthen the construction of energy storage technology professional conditions, and improve the integration support system for education and education

1. Construction of energy storage technology and education and education integration. Adhere to the construction management mechanism of building, sharing, win – win, innovating the integration of energy storage technology and education, and forming a cooperative system that is stabilized in terms of talent training. Promote industry companies to participate in talents training, jointly complete the construction of training programs and professional curriculum systems, and jointly develop teaching projects. Promote students to enterprise internship training systemization, standardization, and improve enterprise employee in post education training coverage level and quality.

2. Promote the school-enterprise joint “teaching team” teaching team. Strengthen the two-way communication of school enterprises, strengthen the construction of the teaching and integration of teachers, establish a reasonable structure, special combination, relatively stable “double teacher” teacher, among which teachers account for no less than 50% of professional class teachers Industrial enterprise experts account for no less than 20% of the proportion of professional classes. Implementing teachers regularly go to school-proof practice base teaching, job practice and learning system, each year is not less than 2 months, and improve the ability of teachers in college teachers. Exploring the implementation of industrial teachers (mentor) special posts, from enterprises to introduce rich experience in practice, theoretical basic professional and technical personnel enrich the team.

3. Support construction education and teachings. Integrate universities, research institutes, enterprises, industry resources, construction of energy storage and technical education and teaching, and gather multi-party power to participate in the construction of energy storage technology disciplines. Solidly promoting the “introduction of enterprises into the school” work, play the importance of enterprises in the cultivation of enterprises in higher education talents, and building an innovative ecosystem of education and teaching, establishing a collaborative innovation and achievement conversion mechanism of enterprises as the main body.

“Some people say that we are stupid, the buttocks are not exploited,” said the Director of the Ecological Environment and the Natural Resources Administration of the Management Office, said that the protection of Qingshan green water is benefiting the next generation. Now we have completely bid farewell to the piracy. And a golden person. ” Yeng Township Hongqi Village Environmental Protection Group Lead and teammates will package the scrap iron, easy pull, plastic bottles, waste batteries that are picked up along the grassland and highways, and provide funding, regular delivery to the garbage disposal plant. Such an environmentally friendly group, a total of 15 in the country. Yuanjiangyuan: “Garbage Change Stationery” Yushu Prefecture Miscellaneous County is located in the source of Lanjiang River. Due to the “Besieged City”, two years ago, the local official launched the environmental protection of “garbage transfer stationery”, that is, the student can use the garbage to pick it up in the school stationery store.



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