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Electric tool 12V85AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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Electric tool 12V85AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersNow, many people will feel that they will feel unsulved. Everyone feels that these experts are very “not grounded”, and they have a little knowledge. Some conclusions and requirements will come, don’t understand the actual situation at all. Inconception, the life of the people has caused a lot of inconvenience, just like the new national standard electric car.

Lift a new national standard electric car, many people are called hard. Originally, everyone riding electric vehicles, it is small and convenient, and the speed is not slow, the price is more cheap than motorcycles and cars, as a penetration tool that is not far from the home is * appropriate, but heart After the national standard came out, like a shackle bundled such a convenience, the new national standard requires no more than 25 kilometers of the speed on the road to the electric vehicle.
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What is the concept of 25 kilometers per hour, if you have a 25 km away from the place where you are going to work, you have to come to work at least an hour to arrive. This doesn’t include the time waiting for the traffic light, it was original for half an hour. What can I get it, who is going to be dragged into an hour? There is also a little more complaining, that is, every electric car must have a pedal. If there is no pedals, it is considered to exceed the standard electric car. If you ride to the street, you may be deducted by the traffic police!


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