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Electric tools 12V150AH lithium iron phosphate battery materials and equipment introduction

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Electric tools 12V150AH lithium iron phosphate battery materials and equipment introductionEPS and UPS differences

(1) The development of my country’s EPS is originated from the power grid burst failure, in order to ensure the need for power security and fire-fighting linkage, it can instantly provide escape lighting and fire emergency, protect the user’s life or body from damage, its product technical requirements The fire protection certification of the Ministry of Public Security and accepts the installation site fire acceptance. UPS is only used to protect user equipment or business from economic losses, and its product technology requires certification by the Ministry of Information Industry. The safety specifications applicable to the two are significantly different, so they have different values.

(2) EPS and UPS can provide two selection output power supply, UPS to ensure high quality, choose inverting priority; and EPS is to ensure energy saving, it is to choose maintenance. Of course, both are different from the design indicators of the rectifier / charger and the inverter.

(3) UPS is in line usage, and there is a timely alarm, and there is a city electricity backup guarantee. The user can make a timely failure and eliminate the fault, which will not cause more losses to the accident. The EPS is offline, and it is * after *, so the reliability design requires higher requirements, and it cannot be simply understood as a reserve UPS. Otherwise, the importance of EPS is sailed. If the EPS is in the mainstay of the market, it is not possible to supply electricity to the battery.

(4) UPS power supply object is a computer and network device, and the load nature (input power factor) is not large, so the national standard specifies the UPS output function because of 0.8. The EPS power supply object is power security and fire safety. The load nature is sensible, capacitive and rectifier non-linear loads, and its output power factor cannot be set to 0.8 (the EPS national standard will specify its value), and Some loads are only working after stopping the market, so that EPS is required to provide a large impact current, and EPS needs to output dynamic characteristics. It is better to resist. Therefore, the technical design indicator assignment of EPS and UPS components is different.

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The current refers to the directional movement of the charge. The size of the current is called the current intensity (referred to as current, symbols I), refers to the amount of charge through a cross section of a wire within a unit time, and is called a “ampere” (a) per second. Apes is the basic unit of all electrical properties in the international unit. Formula and unit current intensity formula: where Q is the amount of electricity (coulomb, unit C), T is time, in seconds (s). The following formula indicates that the electric charge of a coulum in a certain cross section of a wire within a second is amps. In addition to A, common units have milliamps (MA) and micro (μA) converted to 1A = 1000mA 1 mA = 1000μA

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1, electricity: How much is the amount of electric charge containing charge, indicated by symbol “q”. Unit: Coulomb (library), expressed with symbol “C”.
2. Current: (1) Definition: The current intensity (current) is called through the conductive cross section within 1 second. Expressed with symbol “i”.
(2) Formula: i = q / t (defined) i = Normal current intensity (current), q represents the amount of electricity through the conductor cross section, T represents the energization time.
(3) Unit: International units – ampere (An) (A) Common units are also – mA (MA), Micron (μA).
(4) Circuit features: in series circuits, the current is equal, namely: I1 = I2 = I3 = .. = in. In the parallel circuit, the current in the dry road is equal to the sum of the current in each branch, ie the I total = I1 + i2 + .. + in
3. Voltage: (1) Role of voltage: The voltage is the cause of the free charge direction to form a current. Expressed with symbol “u”.
(2) Power supply: The power supply generates a voltage at both ends of the conductor, which is a device that provides a voltage, which converts other forms into electrical energy, but when power is powered, it is converted into other forms. .
(3) Unit: International unit – volts (V) (V) Common units are also – koqq (kV), millivolts (MV), microvolt (μV).
(4) Several voltage values: 1, the voltage U = 1.5 volts of the dry battery
2, each lead battery voltage u = 2 volts
3, the voltage U = 220 volts of the lighting circuit (home circuit)
4. The safety voltage of the human body is not higher than 36 volts (u ≤ 36 volts)


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