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Electric tools 12V26AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

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Electric tools 12V26AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesNon-in-situ preparation SEI film

A layer of SEI membranes were prepared from non-in-situ artificial artificial artificial in situ in metallic lithium, and the lithium battery negative electrode was directly in contact with the electrolyte, and the lithium negative electrode was corroded, inhibited the growth of lithium dendrites and certain side reactions. The artificial non-inotiter preparation SEI membrane method is simple and the effect is obvious, and scientific researchers have put a large number of research work in this regard, and various artificial manufactures, such as polyacetylene, tetraethoxysilane, LIPON. SiO2, Li3N, hollow carbon balls, etc. The material is mainly divided into inorganic matter, organic matter and mixture.

3.2.1 Inorganic

The inorganic film is usually highly mechanical strength and better chemical stability, and the lithium can be separated from too much contact with the electrolyte. Fan et al, a layer of LIF film is formed by a magnetron-controlled sputtering method, which has a LIF film, which is preferably insulated, stable chemical composition, adjustable thickness, high lithium diffusion coefficient and high mechanical strength, Effectively inhibits the growth of lithium dendrites, simple method, easy to promote.

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3.2.2 Organic

The organic material thin film typically has more polar functional groups, with good lithium performance, and also has better electron insulation and flexibility. CHANG, etc. On the lithium negative surface covering a layer of Kimwipe paper (KWS) to inhibit lithium branches, effectively improve the reversibility of lithium negative electrode. KWS is a common laboratory article, which is made of cellulose fibers directly from the 3D structure extracted from plants. This fiber can provide a rich polar functional group to adsorb lithium ions, and have excellent wettability and hindering lithium ions. The protruding surroundings, the lithium ions are evenly distributed over the lithium negative surface.

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3.2.3 Mixed

The mixture film can simultaneously bind excellent properties of the inorganic film thin film and organic material film. LiU et al. Proposes a film formed by adhesion of Cu3N nanoparticles (Cu3n + SBR) in rats, with strong mechanical strength, better flexibility and lithium ion conductivity. The SEI film composed of inorganic and organic mixed materials is better flexibility in the process of lithium embedding and extraction.



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