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Electric vehicle 12V180AH valve controlled lead-acid battery discharge method

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Electric vehicle 12V180AH valve controlled lead-acid battery discharge methodOther related companies: The pilot intelligence has announced at the end of 2018, signed with Tesla, a procurement contract for lithium battery production equipment such as winding machine, cylindrical battery assembly line and component capacity system, with a contract amount of about 43 million.

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Although the equipment amount is small, it is directly responsible for the equipment contractual meaning with Tesla, marking the company’s equipment to obtain a global recognition. Tesra Super Factory corresponds to a lithium-demand for more than 30GWH, and the equipment needs to be 10 billion. As a leading domestic lithium battery leader, it is expected to continue to obtain orders and help to achieve alternative to Japanese and Korean lithium electrical equipment. The Sino-Sciences three rings are the main suppliers of Tesla motor magnetic materials. The Guotai Junan has a colored team that Tesla super factory will directly pull the dollars in the demand of the blank, NdFe boron exceed 15 million tons.
“The second is to strict grid management; three, please invite the academician of the 71 experts to study the province’s situation, initially find the causes of pollutants; four is to explore a set of atmospheric pollution prevention and control; five is the joint defense association 8 markets in Chengdu Plain should be together; Six is ​​to have zerorable tolerance. “” Chengdu’s weather has speciality, simply, the old man does not give strength, but people must work harder. From January to June this year, it was a serious haze in January and February, but compared with last year, the number of atmospheres still increased by 0.5%, and PM2.5 fell by 0.9%. “The voice just fell, the conference room sounded applause.” There is no sharp problem, only the masses * care “netizen a netizen to” trick “to the Environmental Protection, the content is more and more” sharp. “
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Nanshan Aluminum Industry is the core supplier of Tesla car board. The Guotai Junan has a colored team that the company currently has 100,000 tons of car board production capacity. Announcement in August 2019 will build a new 100,000 tons of capacity, Tesla Shanghai factory put into production will directly drive the company’s automobile board business rapid growth.



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