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Electric vehicle 12V250AH lithium battery pack design example

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Electric vehicle 12V250AH lithium battery pack design exampleTo ensure the use of the safety reliability used in the lithium iron phosphate battery pack, the coordination management system of the R & D Manufacture of the Battery is very necessary, the battery management system provides an interface with external systems, such as charging power, switching devices, load and data. display screen.

A battery pack management system will make a group of “dumb” electrical cells transform into a smart battery pack.

The rapid development of electric vehicles for automobile manufacturing plants and related vendors has benefited from battery management systems to provide higher performance and better functions. The management system can be split into two science, battery monitoring and battery control; the monitoring section includes measurement and battery balance of the voltage and temperature. This is the basic properties of the battery management system.

Although the lithium iron phosphate battery is still safe under short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture, etc., it will have a great influence on the cycle life of the battery. The lithium phosphate battery production process is more complicated. The difference in consistency of the monomer battery will be larger than the sealing valve lead-acid battery, which causes the voltage of the battery pack to rise rapidly in the late stage of charging, and the difference has seriously affects the battery. Life, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomena, it is necessary to use electricity management system to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.

BatteryManagement System, That is, BMS, is the core component of battery pack protection and management. Electrical energy, management system plays a bridge between high voltage DC power and battery. The requirements for the battery pack management system must comply with the requirements of the communication power supply system, so the safety management model of the battery management system is critical to the safety of the battery. The battery pack management system mainly includes data acquisition units, calculations, and control units, equalization units, control execution units, and communication units.



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