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Electric vehicle 2V200AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric vehicle 2V200AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodInverter selection

If there is an inductive load in the electrical appliance, you need to use a sine wave inverter; if only the resistive load and capacitive load are only equipped with a correction wave or a square wave inverter. This is because the back-electrical force of the inductive load is a fatal injury to modify the wave or square wave, and a sine wave must be used. The capacitive load requires a higher peak voltage to drive, corrected the wave or square wave just a high peak characteristic, no need to use a sine wave.

When selecting the inverter power, it is necessary to ensure that the inverter’s * large output power is greater than the total power of the electricity appliance used in the same time (the power of the inductive load is calculated by triple actual power).

Fourth, is it grid?

If the local regulation allows the user’s generator to enter the grid, you can select the grid controller and the grid-connected inverter to enter the electric grid from the electric power generator; the user’s electrical equipment can be connected to the grid, so that the province Go to the Huizhong battery pack.

When customers order our products, only need to indicate whether it is connected to, we will select controllers and inverters according to customer needs.

According to the resource evaluation of the land department, my country’s shale gas can receive more than 20 trillion cubic meters, but the national accumulated proven shale gas geological reserves less than 1 trillion cubic meters, most of the resources are still in a sleeping state . Deng Yongzong, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that the current development efforts are not enough, especially some area, large potential, and strong neutrality have not moved. Li Haichen, who has participated in the shale of shale of Shay, such as Shell, believes that my country’s shale gas gradually places, and continuous growth is a general trend. “If the policy is promoted, the market is more active, and China has achieved ‘shale gas revolution in 10 years.

When the wind speed is less than the starting wind speed, the fan cannot rotate. After the wind speed reaches the start-up wind speed, the fan starts to rotate, and the generator is powered. Output power supply is supplied and charged to the battery. When the battery pack voltage reaches the set * high value, the voltage detection obtains the signal voltage through the control circuit to switch, so that the system enters the regulator closed loop control, but it is necessary to maintain charging the battery, and does not cause the battery overcharge. When the wind speed exceeds the cutoff wind speed, the fan passes the wind turbine to operate or stop the wind turbine at a certain speed of rotation, to ensure that the wind turbines are not damaged.



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