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Electric vehicle 2V600AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

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Electric vehicle 2V600AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodNorth China Electric Power University Distributed Botility and Micro-Network Hebei Province Key Laboratory, China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. The article No. 18 “Journal of Electrician Technology” pointed out that “the paper title is” based on adaptive elsewheld Kalman filtering power battery health condition detection and ladder utilization “) Electricity (SOC) and Health State (SOH) is essential to extend the life of the prolonged lithium-ion battery pack and the ladder utilization.

This article is based on battery thevenin second-order equivalent circuit model, and uses adaptive elsewheld Kalman filter (AUKF) algorithm to real-time estimation of battery SOC and ohm internal resistance, and according to ohm internal resistance and battery SOH correspondence, Estimate battery SOH in real time. The battery is charged with the battery under two different conditions, and the feasibility and accuracy of the method are verified.

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And through the estimation of each monomer battery and battery pack in the lithium-ion battery, the cellular battery, the integration of the battery pack, and formulate the ladder utilization scheme of the clear electric vehicle power lithium-ion battery pack. Resource utilization of waste power batteries.

As the world’s energy consumption is increasing, the atmospheric pollution is growing, and the development of new energy vehicles has become an important task for modern industrial development. Among them, electric vehicles have received much attention with high efficiency and small pollution. The lithium-ion power battery pack is the only energy storage link in the electric vehicle. When the performance of the electric vehicle power battery pack is reduced to 80% of the original performance, it will not be suitable for use in electric vehicles.



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