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Electric wheelchair 12V150AH lithium battery pack design example

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Electric wheelchair 12V150AH lithium battery pack design exampleSince 2019, there have been frequent accidents, and the problem of endurance, and the residual value is too low. The power battery industry of the new energy car is accelerating the shuffle. Most companies face the cost of cost, price drop, demand, financing, and difficult to pay.

“Our industry, lithium battery, electric cars are facing unprecedented difficulties.” Professor Peking University, the Chairman of the Battery “Davos” Academic Committee, Host Luo’s current new energy in the 7th China (Changzhou Jintan) battery Industrial International Summit Forum (ABEC 2019) is said. It is worth mentioning that the main responsibility of the forum is under the time of subsidy era, the road to the high-quality development of the new energy battery industry.

Wuxi Huizhong, Nanjing Xia Hua, Wuxi 


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