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Electric wheelchair 12V250AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric wheelchair 12V250AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodMobile phone lithium battery fast charge technology introduction

When there is no breakthrough development in mobile phone battery technology, it is very important for mobile phones to make it very important to mobile phones. It is not easy to support fast charge. So, is there any difference between fast charge technology on the market? What is the express charge technology of each manufacturer?

The models of the second half of 2015 are basically equipped with fast charging technology. In general, I think the charging power exceeds 10W (that is, 5V 2a) can be called fast charging.

Briefly introduce the evolution of charging of mobile phones:

At first, the mobile phone battery is not large. At this time, the default 5V 0.5A can meet the needs of charging; but after the smart machine appears, the power consumption is rising due to the greatness of performance, and 0.5a has not needred. A enhanced USB charging recognition standard is defined: BC 1.2. It expands the charging current to 5V 1.5A.

But in 2013, there was a smartphone above 3,000 mAh. At this time, it didn’t meet the demand, so it was once again extended to 5V 2A.

Common sense 1:

The phone charging current is the phone to control, not a charger. In other words, the phone is the dam, the charger is only the reservoir, the phone will intelligently detect the load capacity of the charger, the charger power is high, the phone will allow the charger to load higher current; the charger design and output current is too small, Then the mobile phone will also limit the current charged.

That’s why we have to buy high-power chargers, such as a mobile phone support 5V1.5A input, you buy a 5V 1A charger, will cause the phone to charge only 5V 1A, not only charging speed Slow, and because the charger has been fully charged, it is serious; vice you to buy a 5V2A charging head, the phone will control only the current of 1.5A, low charger load, and sufficient margin.



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