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Electric wheelchair 2V3000AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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Electric wheelchair 2V3000AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersIs it changing or charging? This should be one of the focus issues discussed in the new energy vehicle field this year. As we all know, there are many problems faced by electric vehicles. Among them, when consumers buy electric cars, it is the immediate problem of endurance mileage and charging, especially at this stage, the charging pile of second- and third tiers is not widely popular. Slow time is too long, fast charge caused by technical bottlenecks to rapidly decay battery life, and will trigger safety accidents. However, the power-saving technology is convenient to solve this problem. If the replacement charging treasure is the same, the vehicle can go directly to the charging station to receive the battery that matches its own vehicle model, which solves the battery life and not waste time charging.

On the exchange of electricity, Beiqi new energy has already been laid out, “3 minutes to change” solve user time anxiety; North Stroke new energy has provided power transmission mode to consumers, but consumers do not need to purchase batteries, but use battery rental mode. Tesla also tried to change the power transmission, released 93 seconds of power transmission technology, and established multiple shifting stations. As a new force of the car, it is also announced in the future ES8 listed, and it will be used to use the power-on plan, and is expected to have a total of 1100-seat power station in 2020 to serve the radius of 3 km, and the automatic power-changing station is deployed in major cities. Japan Four Motorcycle Factory – Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki will jointly develop battery technology to further develop electric motorcycles. Honda also announced in the press release to set up an “electric motorcycle replaceable battery alliance”.
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On August 11th, the Chinese Consumer Association and the Consumer Association of Various Locals will collect opinions to consumers on the “Regulations” (Solius “) and the key issues related to consumer rights, as of August. On the 22nd, there were 292 revisions from universities, social groups and consumers. The reporter learned from the Zhen Consumers today that on this basis, the Consumer Association of all localities put forward the revised advice. Article 9 of the Regulations, the state encourages enterprises and senders of express delivery services to use degradable, reusable environmentally friendly packaging materials, encourage business express delivery business to take measures to recycle express packaging, and achieve reduction of packaging materials. Utilization and reuse.
At the end of July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducted the power-saving power of the air electricity in Hangzhou, and invited North Air, Time and Space Electric, and Equivation and other enterprises and industry organizations to participate in the exploration of automatic electric separation regulations, battery standard unified trends. Sexual content. In the current situation, the power-saving station is still unrealistic, and it is necessary to develop a large-scale development * need policies and orientations. There are also many types of electric vehicles on the market. The types of battery corresponding to different models are also different. Each power-saving station will be compatible with different types of batteries, and whether the coverage of the power-saving station meets the demand for urban demand, which makes the construction project of the electric power station. Difficult, And the demand for funds is huge. However, the subsequent exchange technology is gradually improved. As the cost is lowered, the power-on power station will also have a wide range of popularity. Although the current power exchange is not a good way to resolve the battery life, it is worth looking forward to.



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