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Electric wheelchair 2V350AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

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Electric wheelchair 2V350AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodAccording to the research institution, the 2019 global lithium-ion battery pack price survey report released yesterday, 2019 The average price of the global lithium-ion battery group in 2019 is $ 156 / kWh, and the $ 1100 / kWh of thousands of watches in 2010 is 87 %. It is estimated that by 2023, the average price of lithium-ion batteries in the world will be as low as $ 100 / kWh. In 2019, the reduction in lithium-electric prices benefited from the expansion of the order scale, the growth of pure electric vehicle sales and the continuous spread of high energy density cathode rays. In addition, the introduction of new packaging design and the continuous decline in manufacturing cost will be lowered in the short term.

The report predicts that by 2024, with the total demand exceeds 2 trillion watts, the lithium-ion battery will fall below $ 100 / kWh. At that time, electric car prices will be different from the price of internal combustion vehicles. Bnef Advanced Energy Storage Analyst and Reporting Author James Frith said: “According to our forecast, by 2030, it does not include investment on the supply chain, the year value of the battery market will reach $ 116 billion.” Bnef The analysis found that as the battery becomes cheaper, more and more industries are electrification, for example, electricalization of commercial vehicles. However, low battery prices are still * key factors. The reduction in manufacturing capital expenditures, the new packaging design, and the newly changing supply chain will cause continuous price reductions in the battery in the 192020.


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