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Electric wheelchair pays attention to the capacity and voltage of 12V65aHVRLA batteries

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Electric wheelchair pays attention to the capacity and voltage of 12V65aHVRLA batteriesThe 9V battery is known as a laminated battery, which is named after the internal construction of 6 miniature sheet batteries. Also known as the PPP3 battery, the nominal voltage is 9V (the actual factory voltage is slightly high, and the use gradually decreases). Depending on the electrolytic substance, the species mainly 9V lithium batteries, 9V nickel hydrogen batteries, 9V alkaline batteries 6LR61 primary 9V battery and nickel-hydrogen (Ni-MH), nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) combination secondary 9VV battery .

9V lithium battery (6F22): 9V lithium battery, is also known as a 6F22 laminated battery, is laminated from 6 elliptical small sheet-like batteries, which can * limit the battery space. Evaluating the discharge performance of this battery, * It is good to make better instructions in the actual use environment.

9V alkaline batteries (6LR61): 9V alkaline batteries, also known as 6LR61 batteries. There are two forms of composition, as shown. Alkaline batteries are superior to the carbon battery under heavy-duty discharge conditions. The laminated battery structure storage time is around 1-3 years, and the historical structure of the column is longer, approximately 3 to 5 years.

9V NiMH 2 (23F6-220): 9V nickel hydrogen battery is divided into 9V circular batteries and 9V square batteries, there are two forms of composition, as shown. Usually recycled for more than 500 times, longer than the carbon battery, alkaline battery, environmentally friendly. Widely used in toys, remote control vehicles, remote control aircraft.

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9V battery charging consideration

1. Seriously read the battery instructions, use the recommended battery, follow the operating procedures;

2, check if the electrical and battery contact is cleaned, if necessary, use a wet cloth to clean, dry it in the correct polarity direction;

3. When there is no adult monitoring, children cannot be replaced by the battery, and the 9V battery is charged should be placed in the place where children cannot get;

4, you can’t mix new, old batteries or different models, especially without mixing dry batteries and rechargeable batteries;

5, do not try to use heating, charging, or other methods to make a battery to regenerate, avoid danger;

6, do not short the rechargeable battery, otherwise the battery will be damaged and heat the battery burns.


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