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Electric wheelchair with 12v33ahagm battery specifications and model

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Electric wheelchair with 12v33ahagm battery specifications and modelThe battery is undoubtedly a hotspot keyword in 2019. From the automakers to consumer electronics manufacturers, the progress of the battery technology that cares about the environment will benefit from all aspects of the society. This article is in charge of the 2019 battery area * important several technological breakthroughs.

1. Charging under high temperature conditions
Ideally, the lithium-ion battery powered by our mobile device and electric vehicle should be kept within a certain temperature range during charging, otherwise there is a risk of degenerate, and the service life will be much short. However, if we can safely charge, it can be charged at higher temperatures, which means higher efficiency, so it may greatly shorten the charging time.

In October, a research team of Pennsylvania State University demonstrated a new type of battery to absorb heat. Scientists typically believe that the battery is forbidden at 60 ¡ã C (140 ¡ã F), but the researchers can reach these temperatures only in 10 minutes, and then quickly cool, and the harmful effect is lowered to * low.

The focus of breakthrough is a thin nickel foil, and scientists attached it to the negative terminal of the battery so that it quickly warms up when the electron flows, and then quickly cools again. In this way, the team can charge the battery in such a temperature of more than 1700 cycles. Scientists say that the efficiency of this is so high, which is equivalent to charging of electric vehicles in the range of 200 to 300 miles (320 to 480 km) in just 10 minutes.

2. Charge while capturing carbon dioxide

In October, a researcher team in the Massachusetts Institute demonstrated a new battery that has the ability to capture carbon dioxide from surrounding air. The apparatus is referred to as an “electric pendulum” battery which is applied to a compound called polyft to absorbs a nearby CO2 molecule capable of absorbing.
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When the battery is charged, the process naturally occurs until the electrode is filled with CO2. At this point, it can be released to absorb CO2 molecules for collecting and serving as an industrial product. The team said that the laboratory test showed that its electric swing battery continued 7,000 charging cycles, and efficiency fell by only 30%. Now, the researchers divert their attention to 20,000 to 50,000 cycles.


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