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Electric wheelchair with 2V400AHAGM battery specifications and models

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Electric wheelchair with 2V400AHAGM battery specifications and modelsThe base station battery is from the current use, there is a problem that the battery capacity is too fast, the service life is short, and the battery capacity is only 30% ~ 40% of the battery, and some is only 10% ~ 20%, and most base stations battery operations have been operated in 1 to 4 years, with only about 50% of their nominal capacity, far from its design life, compared with the exchange of exchanges, and its service life is also Greatly reduced. This paper analyzes the damage causes of the battery during the operation of the base station, and proposes a method of extending the service life of the base station battery.

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First, the definition of battery life

The service life of the battery is generally referring to the use period of the floating state. For batteries operating in non-floating state, their life is measured from two dimensions of circulation discharge and discharge depth, as shown in Table 1. So don’t simply use how many years can use to measure the life of the battery.

For the number of cyclic discharges of the battery, it must be sufficiently electrical energy after the battery is discharged, and the power charging time is required for at least 24 hours (according to YD / T799-2002). For the insufficient charging, the number of cyclic discharge is difficult to determine, and it is definitely lower than the data described in Table 1.

The impact of discharge depth on battery life is also very large, the deeper the battery discharge depth, the less the number of cycles, as shown in Table 1, so the depth discharge should be avoided.

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Second, the factors of the end of battery life

For valve-controlled sealed lead-acid storage, there are four failure modes: positive electrode plate corrosion, loss of water, thermal out of control, sulfate. Among them, the positive plate grid corrosion due to the improvement of the alloy process technology, the corrosion speed is very slow, generally 10 to 15 years.

There is more ways to lose water: the throttle design is unreasonable, frequently open; the power supply is frequently charged; the ambient temperature is too high. Among them, high temperatures are * main factors, and high temperatures will accelerate the battery’s lossless speed, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. Based on 25 ¡ã C, when the battery operates rise 10 ¡ã C, the life is reduced by 50%, as shown in Figure 1.

Thermal out of control refers to the formation of a positive feedback between the heat generated during the charging process, the temperature and chemical reaction forms a positive feedback, and out of control. The thermal out of control is devastated to the battery, causing the battery case to deform, and severely causes the battery explosion. The reason for thermal out of control is that the ambient temperature of the machine room exceeds 45 ¡ã C, and the floating charge voltage is too high at high temperatures (without temperature compensation function), the charging current exceeds the design value (more than 2.5C10).

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Sulfate refers to the formation of white hard sulfate crystals on a plate, and the particles are relatively large, low activity, and it is difficult to convert to lead to lead to active substances, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity or functional decline. The cause of hydrochlorination is that the battery has been stored for a long time before installation (more than 3 months), continuous over-discharge or often excessive discharge or small current depth discharge, the ambient temperature is too high or too low, often charged, no periodic execution Both.

Third, affecting the life of the base station battery

Many base stations are remote, and the AC power supply is unstable or frequently poweredized. Even without AC electricity; the base station does not have air conditioning or outdoor sites, the ambient temperature is high; the site is remote and the number is much, and it is not possible to make refined maintenance. The above is the basic condition of the base station battery work environment.

Through the analysis of the battery damage of China’s base station, the specimen analysis of several provincial batteries in Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan, and combined with the damage data of overseas Vietnam, Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopian base station, we conclude the life of the battery. There are several factors:

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(1) Exchange frequently

Frequent power failure, long power failure, power failure, so that the battery is frequently charged and discharge, or the base station does not alternate electricity, alternately powering through the diesel generator and battery, is a * main reason for the shorteness of the battery capacity decreased. .

The base station is too high, and the battery is stopped several times, and even continuously power outage, the base station battery is not fully charged after discharge, and the battery is in an under charge. If there is any incident, it will cause the battery capacity to accumulate loss, sulfate is intensified, and the battery capacity will drop in a short period of time, and its service life will be terminated.

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(2) Battery storage time is too long

The battery exists in the storage process. If the supplement is not added for a long time, there will be a sulfate phenomenon. This phenomenon is not improved in time, and the battery capacity will decrease or even damage. In the storage process, the battery temperature has a very large effect on the capacity, as shown in Table 2.

(3) The ambient temperature of the base station is too high

After the base station is powered up, the air conditioner is stopped. Since the base station is a closed machine room, the indoor temperature of the base station will rise sharply. Temperature is too high to increase the water inner water in the valve controlled battery, and the electrolytic liquid saturation decreases (the electrolyte decrease in the glass fiber cotton diaphragm) reduces the capacity of the battery and shorten the service life.

(4) Battery installation opening quality

Whether the installation of the battery is in line with the standard, the use of the battery is very much. When the battery is not tightened when the battery is installed, the contact resistance between the terminal and the connector increases, which will generate a large amount of heat when charge and discharge, which causes the entire set of battery damage; the battery temperature sensor is not installed or Installing errors, when the temperature is high, because the charging voltage cannot be adjusted to the appropriate value, the battery is thermal out of control, resulting in battery damage; when the opening is not adjusted to adjust the battery management parameters to the reasonable value, resulting in a battery damage.

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(5) Do not set the battery management parameters correctly

The switching power supply involves the parameters of the battery management, the battery capacity, charging current coefficient, all floating voltage, one or two lower voltage, automatic basic charge conditions, temperature compensation voltage, if these parameter settings are unreasonable, will life of the battery Result in an impact. For example, a two-down voltage set voltage is too low, so that the battery has an over-discharge or even depth over-discharge phenomenon, aggravation of the battery negative plate sulfate will cause the battery capacity to decrease, shortened service life. The battery capacity is set incorrectly, affecting the battery charging current, causing the battery charging current to be too large and damaged.

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