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Electronic scale 12V180Ahagm battery specifications and model

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Electronic scale 12V180Ahagm battery specifications and modelNew Energy Bus: Ningde Times / Yawei Lithium / Hefei Guoxuan supporting the top three

In the 96 new energy passenger car model, the pure electric vehicle type 94, 2 plug-in mixing models, 3 fast charge passenger cars, 5 fuel cell buses.
From the battery technology route, there are 88 car companies with lithium iron phosphate batteries. There are 5 lithium manganate battery models, 1 super capacitive models, 1 lithium titanate battery model.
In the support of the power battery, the Ningde Times, Yixi Lithium, Hefei Guoxuan, Microachal Power, and the Quantity of BYD.

3, new energy special car: lithium iron phosphate is sustained

Among the 111 new energy special vehicle types, all of them are pure electric vehicles, including 3 fuel cell models. From the battery technology route, there are 82 lithium phosphate batteries, accounting for 74% of the ratio; 26 of the three-yuan battery, 2 plurality of compound lithium batteries, 1 lithium manganate battery.

From the perspective of power battery, Ningde Times, Li Shen batteries, billions of lithium, BYD, and Nachi Technology / polyfluorocent model rankings.

Under the pressure of subsidies, the new energy special car changed iron lithium trend is obvious, the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries is greatly improved, and the advantages of the lithium iron phosphate battery are expected to be further highlighted.



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