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Electronic scale 12V5AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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Electronic scale 12V5AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersGenerally, electrical equipment is divided into three major categories, namely resistive loads, such as bulbs, water heaters, televisions, and inductive loads (such as switched power suppliers, water pumps, “, air conditioner). The resistive load and capacitive loads are accumulated in actual power when calculating the total power, and the inductive load is accumulated by three times the actual power. The total power obtained is 1.2 is the power of the desired wind turbine. For example, 1 800W air conditioner + 3 60W bulbs + 1 200W TV, the required wind turbine power is (800 ¡Á 3 + 3 ¡Á 60 + 200) ¡Á 1.2 = 3336W. However, if the local wind resources are better, or shorter power-on wind turbines can be used to provide a daily required total electricity consumption.

After they want to wait for this environmental storm, the story is recovered, but from the current perspective, all this has become bubble. With the comprehensive entry of the fourth batch of central environmental inspectors, the central environmental inspectors of the National Central Environmental Protection Insugation team in early 2016 have achieved full coverage of 31 provinces (districts, and city). The feedback from the central environmental inspector is shocking: in Hebei Inspector Pilot and the top three batch inspections, they accept more than 90,000 people in the masses. The current report has been basically completed, accounting for nearly 12,000 people. The fourth batch of central environmental inspections were carried out, and the people have been accepted by 10,268 reports and accountable 938 people. In fact, people give this round of environmentally friendly governance action crown with environmental storm names.

The branch of the solar cell formation is charged in parallel to the battery through the diode, the charging controller.

The charging controller adopts incrementally controlling the charging process of the solar cell to the battery. When the charging voltage of the battery pack reaches the set * high charging voltage, one or several square array power supply branches are automatically cut to limit the charging voltage of the battery to continue to grow, ensuring the life of the battery, and * Larger use and Save the electric energy emitted by the solar cell.

After verification, in the twenty-first batch of people in the report, there were 38 cases, and some of them were real 27 pieces. They needed to verify 1; the situation is not true, and the statistics are required. “The masses’ letters and visits will be transformed and the border supervision will open the list (21st batch)” full text can be viewed on the Hainan Provincial Government website, Hainan Ecological Environment Protection Hall website, Hainan Daily client and other websites. It is also reported that for those who have sent to the letter and have not yet tested on September 10 (subject to local postmark), we will continue to be seriously handled, accelerated to ensure that all of the masses have fallen. There is echo and promptly released through the media, government website.

Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are generally composed of a plurality of wind turbines and generators. The picture below is the wind turbine output power curve. Where VC is starting wind speed, VR is rated wind speed. At this time, the fan output is rated, VP is the cutoff wind speed.

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