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Electronic scale 12V90AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

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Electronic scale 12V90AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesNow the preferred street lights in the global solar street lamp, if used in the lead-acid battery group, it is necessary to bury underground around the light rod, placed in the bin, and if used in the lithium battery, with its lighter components, It can be plugged into the back of the panel, saving time and effort.

Solar energy storage battery is contaminated with lead-acid battery, green environmental protection

We all know that the life of the lead-acid battery is relatively short, although it is cheap, but a year may change once, which will greatly increase the environmental pollution. Moreover, the lead-acid battery itself is contaminated with lithium batteries. If it is replaced, it will cause harm to the environment. Lithium batteries have no pollution, while lead-acid batteries have heavy metal lead pollution.

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Lithium battery is more intelligent

The current lithium battery has become more and more intelligent, and the function is also getting more and more complete. The current lithium battery can be adjusted according to the user’s demand, using the time or the like. Many lithium batteries can be installed with a BMS management system, which can look at the battery on the phone in real time, and can also detect the current voltage of the battery. If there is an abnormal condition, the BMS system can be automatically adjusted.

Solar energy storage battery longer

The annual loss of lead-acid batteries is relatively high, often need to change once a year or two. And the life of the lithium battery is 3-5 years, and it is generally possible for three years. The cycle life of the lead-acid battery is around 300 times. On the lithium phosphate battery, 3C cycle life reaches more than 800 times.

Lithium battery safety, no memory effect

Lead-acid batteries are easy to inlet, and lithium batteries are not easy to enter. Moreover, the lead-acid battery has memory, which is the memory effect when charging is not fully discharged, which will affect the battery life. The lithium battery is without memory, and can be charged at any time. This is more secure, more peaceful. Lithium iron phosphate has passed strict safety test, even in a dramatic collision, there is no explosion.



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