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Electronic scale with 6V12AHVRLA battery capacity and voltage attention

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Electronic scale with 6V12AHVRLA battery capacity and voltage attentionHigh-magnification lithium-ion battery charging time (2 ~ 4h), although shorter than cadmium nickel, hydrogen nickel and lead-acid batteries (5 ~ 7h), but still does not meet the needs of emergency in war. The US military uses a battery in the Iraq war, avoiding charging problems, after the operation of the operation task, the old battery is discarded, replaced with new batteries, leading to the battery’s logistics support strength than the ammunition. In order to meet the needs of the war (5 ~ 30 minutes), the lithium ion battery can be charged with high magnification (5 ~ 20C).

Present Situation of High Rate Battery Material Development

Usually, the powerful current when charging can cause dangerous battery leakage, fire, and even explosion. The improvement and development of the material is the premise of the battery to achieve high-magnification charging. At present, commercial lithium ion batteries use LiCo02 as a positive material. In order to improve the high-magnification charging and safety performance of the battery, LiMn204, LIFEPO4, LISV2 (PO? 3 and Trimats LINI? CO? MN? 02, Lini? Co? Al? 02, etc. can be used as a positive material.

Most of the lithium ion battery negative electrode uses carbon materials. The carbon material is cheap and easy, but the first charge is not reversible, and the cycle performance is poor, and it is not suitable for high-magnification charging. Li4TI5O12 can be used as a non-carbon negative electrode material, a specific capacity of 165 mAh / g, a unique spinel structure to increase the cycle performance and service life of the electrode, so that the battery has good charged, overproduction and safety performance, and meets high-magnification charging Requirements.

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