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How long does it take to use a full-electric handling heap high?

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How long does it take to use a full-electric handling heap high?The service life of the full-electric handling stack of high-vehicle battery is five or six years. If the full-electric handling, high-speed use frequency is too high or the life of the environment will be decreased accordingly, and the full-electric handling stack high vehicle service life is also maintained. Picture is closely related, all electric handling stacks are in the same frequency and environment, if they are good at maintenance, they can prolong all electric handling stacks, and vice versa.



After four or five years of normal operation, the whole electric handling pile is a significant gap between its working performance compared to the new all-electric handling head, because the parts wear of the whole electric handling heao high car is slow. And noise is increased.


If the electric handling pile of high cars used for four or five years or even, you need to observe your condition before use, if the car is not good, and the electric handling of high cars is getting more and more slower, we need timely reportable updates. .


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