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How to achieve a seal about the valve control battery?

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How to achieve a seal about the valve control battery?

1) The negative plate grid adopts non-strait lead calcium alloy, increasing the negative electrode analysis, which is to increase the critical voltage of gas, and calculate the use of lead calcium alloy than the low bayoniolis high 200mV precipitation gas. The precipitation of hydrogen is suppressed, maintains a certain internal pressure. And have strong corrosion resistance. Forklift battery


2) Use a special unidirectional safety valve to maintain a certain balance, and inhibit the external gas (O2) into the internal corrosion negative plate gate, the valve pressure is 18-23 kPa, the closed valve pressure is not less than 8 kPa, and there is The filtrate chip holds the electrolyte concentration.


3) Using a superfine fiberglass separator having a hole ratio, a quantity of electrolyte is adsorbed, reaching a leancoal design, and there is enough gas passage to composite the gas internally.


4) The negative electrode active material is 10%, enough to composite the precipitation of the positive oxygen, so that the negative electrode is always in the charging reaction, preventing hydrogenation and salting.

The above four condition batteries are met.


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