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How to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of batteries?

Return Listsource:Gratene date: 2021-07-14

1. Check the NP battery regularly, and replace the NP battery if there is any abnormal performance, cracks and deformation of the tank shell and cover, and leakage occurs. When inspecting the NP battery, if dust and other external pollution is found, please clean it with water or cloth soaked in warm water. Do not use gasoline, banana water and other organic solvents or oils for cleaning. Also, please avoid using chemical fabric.

2. During floating charging, when the total voltage of the NP battery during charging or the indicated value of the voltmeter on the indicator panel deviates from the reference value shown in the table below, or when the terminal voltage deviates from the reference value in the charging process of a single battery, the reason should be investigated and dealt with.

Use distinction: floating charging

Check item: total voltage of battery when charging

Method: The voltmeter of the charger shows the total voltage

Benchmark: 2.275V(single lattice 25℃)* lattice number * only number

Disposal: Correct to the reference value if there is any discrepancy

3. For emergency power supply equipment used as fire fighting equipment, please check according to the Inspection Benchmark for Emergency Power Supply for Fire Fighting Equipment (Battery Equipment) or the Inspection Essences.

4. If there is a service life on the battery, please comply.