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How to choose a good electric forklift battery, the correct charging method of electric forklift battery

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How to choose a good electric forklift battery, the correct charging method of electric forklift batteryAs the electric forklift battery with high usual frequency of miners, it will directly affect the efficiency and life of the forklift, how to choose a nice electric forklift battery and electric forklift battery, which will be detailed below introduce.

How to choose a good electric forklift battery
1: There are currently many electric forklift battery manufacturers on the market, but because of the different strengths of scale technology, the advantages and disadvantages of the battery are also different, so the electric forklift battery must be selected to select a well-known brand of domestic reputation.
2: When purchasing electric forklift batteries, prevent miscellaneous manufacturers from laid on the brand’s logo, so be sure to see when buying, not just logo, whether the production date of warranty card and product serial number is complete, best Manufacturers check and prevent being cheated.
3: Pay attention to power matching, depending on the different forklift use, select the appropriate electric forklift battery. In particular, pay attention to do not choose small power electric forklift batteries on a high-power forklift, which will cause accidents, and severely report waste batteries.
4: How to stay in the purchase, especially the after-sales of this brand, only good after-sales can be a good solution to the future failure and problem.

Correct charging method of electric forklift battery
First, the electric forklift battery is after we buy, because it is not used for a long time, it will definitely not use it, and the internal positive and negative ion activity is in a stagnation phase. At this time, we will generally choose full of electricity and then use, in fact The way is that the battery has a very large damage. The long-term non-moving positive and negative level will eventually lead to necrotic ions, and deposited in the battery, which to account for a certain capacity of the battery, thereby reducing the normal battery. capacity. The correct way is to first charge, first charge the power of about 80%, boot and discharging operation.
Then we have a very good habit, often use the battery to complete the battery, remember this situation is very dangerous, so that this can cause a part of the electric forklift battery due to no activity free electrode ions. The electrode is broken down, and the phenomenon of partial damage occurs. Once the latter future, the correct way is that we use the maximum use of no less than 30% each time, consider charging the battery.


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