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How to make the battery forklift battery more durable?

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How to make the battery forklift battery more durable?


Due to the safety of electric forklift driving, energy saving and environmental protection, the role of electric forklifts is also highlighted during the production and storage of enterprises. The demand for electric forklifts in all walks of life increases rapidly.


A large part of the cost of the battery forklift is from the battery. The same battery is different. It is also different from the use of the years. It is also a small gap in the relative operation. The following Xiamen forklift is to share the battery forklift with you. Battery related information:


What is the reason for battery life?

First, the quality of itself

For example, the amount of lead is reduced, and each unitary battery is poor in the battery pack; the balance difference will lead to a sharp decline in the life of the whole group.


Second, the charging machine does not match

Causes overcharge and over-discharge, which is the main reason for the polarization of the battery. Battery plate aromaticization is the root cause of battery life.


Third, improper use

For example, the “second super” discharge stage is mainly the discharge current value, that is, long-term exceeding the amount of discharge, called “two super”, which is one of the main reasons for battery polarization, which is very harmful to battery life.


Fourth, the root cause of battery capacity is small

Battery plate is a root cause of battery life. Battery polarization, that is, the active substance used to store and convert energy in the battery, resulting in less battery capacity. There is a shortage of polarization reasons:

1. Insufficient charging of the battery or the initial charge interruption time;

2. The battery is long-term charging (under charge);

3. Failure to charge after discharge;

4. Frequently overcharge or small current depth;

5. The electrolyte density is too high or the temperature is too high, and lead will in-depth formation is not easy to recover;

6. The battery has a long time, and it is not used for a long time without regular charging.

7. The internal short circuit partial role or the battery surface will cause leakage;

8. The internal electrolyte surface of the battery is low, which makes the polar plane naked.


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