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How to manage lead-acid batteries in electric forklift rental industry

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How to manage lead-acid batteries in electric forklift rental industryThe battery is in the cost of the electric forklift rental, compared to the electric forklift accessories, the unit charges, the whole machine rental belt battery group, in the forklift rental management, maintenance forklift battery is the main factor in determining the cost of use The battery is the power source of the electric forklift and plays an important role in use. The following is the daily use requirements of Nantong forklift rental battery:

In general, an exhaust hole is designed on the battery-filled well cover. These exhaust holes should be checked frequently during normal use and always remain unblocked. If the exhaust hole is not smooth, the generated gas cannot be discharged in time, causing a battery explosion, damaging the internal structure of the battery.

Keep the battery is cleaned, the power cord is securely cleared, and the oxide at the head at the head is cleared in time. If the connection is not strong or pole, the line will have a great influence on charging due to poor corrosion, and the battery life is lowered.

Prevent battery short circuit. It is important to note that metal parts cannot be placed on batteries, such as common metal tools such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., which form closing circuits, resulting in short circuits, thus burning bad batteries, causing batteries. In addition, if there is sewage or dirt on the battery, it should be removed in time because these debris can also cause battery short circuit and damage the battery.

The battery should have sufficient electrolyte during regular inspection. The battery electrolyte is insufficient to cause a plate to vulcanize, lower the battery capacity, and shorten the service life.

Daily maintenance of the battery. If the battery is not used for more than a week, consider closing the battery. If the battery has a switch, disconnect the battery switch. If there is no switch, the power failure order of the battery is: “I am open the negative electrode, and then open the positive pole”. The order in which the battery is connected is: “First pick up the positive electrode, and then the negative electrode”. If the battery is not used for a long time, the electrolyte should be adjusted to the standard scale line and make the battery fully charged.

Should be kept in a safe place, usually in a ventilated, dry, dark, warm room. Here is something to remind you that don’t correct the positive and negative poles of the battery when using the battery. If the wiring error, the most direct consequence is to burn the generator and related electrical equipment, causing unnecessary losses. Pay attention to the heat insulation of the battery in the hot and cold season.

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