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How to prevent battery capacity attenuation?

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How to prevent battery capacity attenuation?

Many friends think that the battery can be used for a long time, it is not. The battery has its service life. When its capacitance is consumed, then its mission is over. Of course, if you can use the battery properly or extend the battery life, how do you use the battery correctly? In fact, the key to the battery of the battery is its capacity, so we need to pay attention to the attenuation of the battery capacity when using the battery. Let’s take a look at the prevention of battery capacity along with the battery official website.


The battery is used, and the PB02 is coexped with the PBS04 on the positive electrode plate, and the PB and PBS04 coexist on the negative electrode. In Figure 1-2 and charge and discharge reaction formula, the positive electrode is PBO2 after charging, and it is PB on the negative electrode. When the reactionary battery of the actual use is not possible to completely convert PBSO4 on its plate to PBO2 or PB.


If each charge and discharge cycle is 100% conversion, it is bound to extend the charge and discharge time. Due to the low charging efficiency of the charging, most current consumes the decomposition of water. When decomposing water on the positive electrode, a new ecological oxygen atom is generated.


Before the two oxygen atoms are combined into a polaromoric, its oxidation has great corrosion capacity, which exacerbates the corrosion of the positive electrode plate gate, and the bonding force of pure oxide is very Poor, easy to cause a lot of decentralization. In order to extend the service life of the lead battery, it is not necessary to pay a heavy cost that the grid is corroded for recovery of a small amount of capacity.


At the same time, in many cases, the working conditions are not allowed to use the charging machine to use a small number of batteries for a long time. Due to the above reasons, each of the active substances are converted to PBSO4 and lose activities. It is this slow eaten, a little bit to lose the battery out of the original capacity.

Some said, “The active material falls off to lose the battery.” If it is the only reason, then only the mechanical approach is wrapped in the positive plate, so that the active material cannot be detached, can the battery can be used indefinitely? In fact, it is not the case, the variation of the microstructure of the active substance is also an important reason for the loss of activity, which is no longer detailed.


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