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Lithium battery core technology

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Lithium battery core technologyAccording to the industrial structure, the lithium battery industry can be divided into the upstream lithium battery material industry, including positive material, negative electrode materials, diaphragm, electrolyte, etc. At present, the mainstream market is basically Japan, the Korean company monopoly, the mainland enterprises are working hard to seek Breakthrough, but the current technical level still has a large gap. The main production of battery cell products in the middle of the city is still based on Japanese and Korean companies, but Chinese companies have begun to break through. The downstream enterprises are mainly assembled by the battery module, including Taiwan, the mainland, and the assembly plant of the Japanese and Korean upstream enterprises. In this way, it is clear that there is no advantage in domestic enterprises in technology, and it is inevitable that the low-end market is located.

Be“Three no”The elimination of the company is not going to slow

With the increasing new energy industry market, my country’s lithium battery industry has also become a new star with concern, and the ushered is the continuous injection of emerging enterprises, but the body development level, market acceptance limit The large-scale influx is undoubtedly improving the effect of this kind of situation, imitating, copying, repetition, etc., which is more context to make my country’s lithium battery industry presents chaotic potential.

Upstream and low-end market main body“Three no”The elimination of the company is unfortunate. Compared to the pouring boom in the middle and low-end market, the high-end market in the cold and clear high-end market has undoubtedly showed the development vulnerability of lithium battery industry in my country. High-end market as domestic lithium battery industry“Always pass overover”Important areas, in fact, it is an important issue that is urgently needed to break through and improved. Otherwise, it is a breakthrough in my country’s lithium battery industry in China and low-end markets.

[How to achieve rapid development? 】

Clear industrial positioning rational planning and teaching management system

In recent years, the electric vehicle industry has been an important branch under the new energy vehicle field. It has received the hot pets of the market, and the engine industry in the lithium battery industry has also ushered in the vast market demand, so many companies have lithium batteries. The industry has conducted a wrong positioning. In fact, the lithium battery is not only a component of electric vehicles, and the lithium battery industry should be clearly positioned as the energy storage industry, and the lithium battery industry development plan will be prepared. The functional departments such as the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology shall clearly manage the authority, and the various divisions. 


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