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Main characteristics of explosion-proof storage batteries

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Main characteristics of explosion-proof storage batteriesThe explosion-proof battery uses special drain and vapor parts, firm couplings, with secure explosion-proof function. Suitable for operating environment with explosive gas or flammable mines, workshops, warehouses, etc. in places, handling vehicles, trucks, forklifts are DC power supply and lighting power supply, in China standard classification, explosion-proof storage batteries involve warehousing Equipment, loading and unloading machinery, storage electrical energy unit, traction electrical equipment, coal mine special equipment equipment, decreasing power supply unit, improvement, storage equipment, industrial and mining electric locomotive, mine machinery equipment comprehensive, explosion-proof appliances, power plant industrial boiler coal coal.

Less maintenance lead-acid battery is a major lead-acid battery currently used, and its battery housing is composed of a battery cell, a battery cover, and an exhaust gas, and the exhaust gas is fixed to the battery cover by a threaded seal. Based on national environmental protection and product upgrading requirements, it is necessary to discharge after the gas generated by the battery must be filtered, and the internal and external pressure inside and outside the battery is required. In response to this problem, it is generally an increase in the internal portion of the exhaust depol of the lead-acid battery to increase the polytetrafluoride filter, and the gas is filtered, and then the battery is discharged. Hydrogen and oxygen generated during battery work, partially gathered in the inside of the battery by exhaust roller to the battery.

The shortcomings of this solution is that less maintenance lead-acid batteries generally use lead antimony alloys, which is large, and the polytetrafluoroethylene filter diaphragm is wet after the water vapor is wet, resulting in a clear resistance, resulting in a battery Internal hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas rises, when spades in the inside or outside of the battery, produce battery explosion, and the impact force during the explosion causes the battery housing and exhaust plug-to-flavor fragments and the acid splash, resulting in property damage or even Personal injury.

The risk of lead-acid battery assembly is mainly poisoned, fire, explosion, and high temperature burning, mechanical damage, corrosion damage. It is limited to the space, and only three elements of poisoning, fires and explosions are disconnected.

According to the working principle of the lead-acid battery, the lead-acid storage positive electrode active material is the lead, the negative electrode active material is a sponge lead, the electrolyte is a dilute sulfuric acid solution, when charging to 70% to 80%, the positive electrode starts produces oxygen, when When charging is at all, when approximately 90%, the negative electrode is generated to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen is a flammable and explosive secondary substance, the explosion limit in the air is 4.1% to 74.1%, and the ignition temperature is about 450 ¡ã C, so the hydrogen concentration in the charging chamber is extremely easy to reach the explosion limit. burst.

The charging area should adhere to a good ventilation. If necessary, explosion-proof ventilation equipment should be increased, and set the flammable gas concentration leakage alarm installation, and reach the “Fire Automatic Alarm System Design Standard” Request. The charging area is not allowed to use an unplug-proof electrical equipment (such as switches, sockets, fuses, etc.), which is strictly prohibited to smoke in the charging zone, lighting or heating with open fire; not allowed to move in indoor. Each electrical line should be laid in the indoor, and the electrical bond should be in good contact, reliable, and must be blocked to prevent spark discharge. Not cold-in-fiber clothing enters the charging area to avoid friction to generate discharge.

Explosion-proof batteries are a new type of battery product, manufactured by high safety coefficient materials, effectively curb the safety battery of the battery explosion. The security characteristics of explosion-proof batteries are their largest features 


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