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Maintenance-free battery in actual operation

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Maintenance-free battery in actual operationThe various maintenance-free batteries and charging equipment of the Electric Power Bureau, in actual operation, because the maintenance battery is different from the lead-acid and cadmium-nickel battery we use, although there is less maintenance amount, no replenishment, etc., It is equivalent to daily without maintenance and operation monitoring.

The maintenance-free battery and advanced charging equipment provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation and maintenance of the substation. According to the problem of maintenance-free battery and charging equipment in the power officers, the problems occurred in actual operation, summed up some operation and maintenance experience.

Maintenance and maintenance of battery and high frequency charging equipment

The maintenance-free lead-acid battery is designed for continuous floating charge applications, and can also be used for circulating charging. Charging method must be limited—The constant pressure method is carried out. The battery is gradually decreasing when the battery is charged, and eventually tends to be stable, if false to 0.01C10 or less, and maintain 3—This indicates that the battery has been basically filled with 5 hours. The charger can automatically complete the constant current charging, constant voltage charging and floating charge of the battery according to the pre-set operating parameters.

The battery is long when the battery is in the process of transportation, storage, and installation. If you don’t need to check the calibration, the battery is turned on.≥When 2.13v can be put into floating operation directly, but the open circuit voltage 2.13V should be equalized and charging first, and then put into the floating operation. 


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