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Method for using 12V12AH deep circulation battery with electric stroller

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Method for using 12V12AH deep circulation battery with electric strollerComputer time display error and processing of the motherboard battery failure

The computer time error and motherboard battery failure in daily work are invalid. Take the XP system as an example (shown in the figure): Double-click the time in the lower right corner of the computer → enter the date and time of the attribute window → modify the time; you can go online, you can: choose the Internet time → Check Synchronization and Server → Update Now → Click Apply → * OK.

If there is a time error, or the time is N years ago, it may be a computer battery that is not *, or the motherboard BIOS problem.

You can set time on the BIOS, + or – or adjust time, factory setting, then F10 restart, normal, then shut down for 5 minutes, then restart, check the time whether there is abnormality.

If there is still a problem, it is the problem of the battery. You can choose to change battery electronics, pay attention to positive and disassembly: After removing the battery, you will be prepared in the original position in this battery holder, and you should pay attention to the battery. Anti-contained, it can’t be safe.

Method for discharging the motherboard battery

1. Use CMOS discharge jumper

For most motherboards, CAHOS discharge jumpers are designed to facilitate user discharge operation, which is * commonly used AHOS discharge method (the method of the following methods 2, 3, 4 and small knots are basically not used. The discharge jumper is typically three-needle, located near the motherboard CMOS battery socket, and is attached with a battery discharge instruction (some of which are two-needle, such as the ASRock motherboard, also near the Motherboard CMOS battery, there is a CLRCMOS logo, two-pin direct electrical conductive object Connect a two seconds, that is, the discharge is successful).

In the default state of the motherboard, the jumper cap is connected to the pin identified as “1” and “2”, and it can be known from the discharge instructions, which is the normal usage state.

To discharging using this jumper, first remove the jumper cap from “1” and “2” with a camera or other tool, and then set it on the pin identified as “2” and “3”. They are connected, and it can be found at this time by the discharge instructions.

“Clear CMOS”, that is, CMOS (as shown below). After a short (one second, long-point does not matter), you can clear the various manual settings in the BIOS in the BIOS, while restoring the default settings when the motherboard is shipped.

After the CMOS is discharged, you need to remove the jumper cap by “2” and “3” pins, and then restore it to its original

“1” and “2” pins. Note that if the jumper cap is not returned to the Nornal state, the computer cannot be started and the alarm prompt.

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