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Milling machine 2V600AH deep circulation battery usage

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Milling machine 2V600AH deep circulation battery usageHow to maintain an advantage in the power battery?

With the arrival of electrification trends, competition in the field of power batteries becomes unprecedented. Weibaste will enter the booth dynamic battery, with opportunities, but it faces challenges. Mr. Heles said that the car market has changed fierce and rapidly, the arrival of electrification has made the main plant began to find new suppliers, and Weibas knew what the main plant is, “When they want, we can give them, because Our pace is consistent with the host factory. “This is the primary factor in the main competitiveness of Weibaster in the power battery.

Compared with other single battery providers, Weibaster’s advantage is to pack the battery module into a battery pack according to the needs of the main plant, and then integrated into the whole vehicle. Weibasite believes that this is what their market is.

In addition, the battery pack provided by Weibaster can match different models compared to standardized battery packs. For example, according to the requirements of the host factory, adjust the number of battery packs used, and a modular combination is made from a battery pack to 10 battery packs.

Yan He Ning said, “We have standardized the structure and layout of the battery pack, as well as the battery pack and the entire vehicle interface.” These standards can meet international needs and have high safety. “We have a good thermal management experience to help us develop battery packs.” Therefore, the stability of the chemical composition of the Weibaste battery pack is relatively high.

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