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Model Meaning Analysis of Automobile Battery

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Model Meaning Analysis of Automobile BatteryThe battery is the power supply of the automobile, mainly used to start to power the automobile starter and the various electricity devices, belong to the start-type battery. At present, it is basically a lead-acid battery in the automobile, i.e., dilute sulfuric acid as an electrolytic solution, and the active substance of electrochemical reactions on the plate is neutralized and lead.

In order to meet the needs of the start and electricity equipment, when replacing the new battery, the new battery capacity and rating must not be lower than the original battery, and the replacement battery size must also be installed. At present, there are many brands in the market, mainly Valta Varta, ACDELCO, Panasonic (Panasonic), Sail Sail, Unity / GS, Camel Camel, Cruise / Sichuan, Hitachi, Korean Rocket Rocket, Soup YUASA, etc. The battery produced by each manufacturer also has different labels.

The model of the automotive lead battery is named after a certain standard. The battery model used in the domestic market is mainly named in accordance with national standards and Japanese standards, German standards and US standards.

First, national standard battery

Taking the battery of the model 6-QAW-54A as an example, the following is as follows:

1.6 Indicates that each monobi battery is composed of, each monobic battery voltage is 2V, which is a rated voltage is 12V;

2.Q represents the use of the battery, Q is the battery of the car, and M is a battery of the motorcycle. The JC is a battery battery. The HK is a battery battery. D represents the electric vehicle battery, f represents the valve-type battery;

3.A and W represent the type of battery, A means a dry load type battery, and W represents a maintenance-free battery, if it does not mark a normal storage battery;

4.54 Indicates the amount of electricity output from the battery to an external current discharge 20H battery output at a temperature temperature of 20 h rate at a temperature temperature of 20 h rate.

5. The corner A represents the first improvement of the original product. After the name, the add-angle border b represents the second improvement, and it is pushed according to the class.

Note: 1 After the model is added, D indicates that the low temperature start performance is good, such as 6-QA-110D.
2 The model is added to the HD represent high antibody.
3 After the model is added, DF is added to the low temperature, such as 6-QA-165DF.

Second, Japan JIS standard battery

In 1979, the Japanese standard battery model represented by Nippon’s NIPPON N as represented by NiPPON, which is the size of the battery slot, expressed as near the battery rated capacity, such as NS40zl:
1.N represents the Japanese JIS standard;
2. S represent miniaturization, that is, the actual capacity is smaller than 40AH, which is 36ah;
3.Z indicates that there is better start discharge performance under the same size, and s represents a polar pile terminal to be crude, such as NS60SL;
Note: In general, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery have different diameters to avoid the polarity of the battery. The diameter of the tapered terminal is shown in Table 1.
4.L indicates the positive pole on the left end, R represents the positive pole at the right end, such as NS70R. (Note: From the direction of the pole of the battery)

Third, Germany DIN standard battery

Taking the battery of the model 54434 as an example, the following:
1. The opening 5 indicates that the battery rated capacity is below 100 Ah; the beginning 6 indicates that the battery capacity is between 100ah and 200ah; the beginning 7 indicates that the battery rated capacity is more than 200ah. For example, 54434 battery rated capacity is 44ah; 61017mF battery rated capacity is 110ah; 70027 The battery rated capacity is 200 AH.
2. After the capacity, the two digits represent the battery size group number. Several examples, as shown in Table 4.
3. Mf represents a maintenance type.

Fourth, US BCI standard battery

Taking the battery of 58430 (12V430A80min as an example, the following:
1.58 represents the battery size group number, as shown in Table 5.
2.430 means a cold start current of 430A.
3.80min indicates that the battery reserve capacity is 80 min.
4. The US standard battery can also be said: 78-600, 78 represents the battery size group number, 600 indicates a cold start current of 600A.

In the maintenance of the car, the maintenance of the battery is also important. If a bad usage habit, it will shorten the service life of the battery or cause damage. The battery life is generally 2 to 3 years. If the user adds some original appliances, such as low cannon, etc., it will cause excessive use of the battery.

Nowadays, there are more and more electric equipment on the car, so when using these electric equipment, try not to make the battery overload. Taking electric windows and skylights as an example, the owner should complete its lifting and closure before the engine is turned off, because if the engine is turned off, it will stop power generation. At this time, the window will increase the load of the battery, which is easy to cause the battery. damage.

The lanter is also the same. If you want to turn off, there is no need to turn off the headlights, then turn off the fire. When you start the car at night, you should start the headlights before you start, and you will know all the lights. Try to minimize damage to the battery. If the battery is allowed to prevent the battery loss in a state where the engine stops working, it must prevent the battery loss, because if the loss is easy to cause damage to the battery, if the loss is serious, the battery will be scrapped in advance. 


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