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Mrization machine 12V250AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Mrization machine 12V250AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodMobile phone, MP3, tablet, laptop, digital camera, handset, navigator, etc., these devices are powered by mobile batteries, while battery life is also * people are worrying.

Taking the mobile phone as an example, how to maintain the battery in addition to the system power consumption capacity, how to maintain the battery is also aware of the knowledge, unless you can endure the replacement of the replacement battery or the external battery, actually like the iPhone mobile phone even the battery cannot be replaced. .

The maintenance of the lithium battery pack may have little impact on the single charge and discharge cycle, but there is comparison after the time is long, and the lithium-ion battery will have a loss of battery capacity, while maintaining a good battery. The loss will be a lot of Pu Xun.

There are many methods for lithium-ion battery maintenance, but the statement is different. For example, after the new battery is coming back, it is necessary to be charged 12 hours and then empty. Three consecutive times can activate * large capacity, and there is also a full charge and discharge process for every month.

Foreign Battery UNIVERSITY website has recently released an article on how to extend lithium battery life, which puts forward new conclusions on the use of Huizhong batteries.



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