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Polarization of fuel cell

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Polarization of fuel cellFuel Cell Technology Basic Summary CH fuel cell is a low-pollution without the combustion process, and an efficient power generation device is a clean power generation device that can utilize hydrogen such a new energy to fuel has become a continuous hydraulic power generation, thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. The fourth generation of primary power generation technology. The industrialization process will experience the three stages of paying attention to the technical level, focusing on practical product stages and paying attention to sales prices, the commercialization of the cost of production costs; the open circuit voltage is the ideal battery electromotive force when the battery is no current, no potential . The fuel cell is not possible in such an ideal state, but works in the actual state of a current, over-potential. Ideally battery electromotive (open voltage) and actual battery electromotive (operating voltage) are different from current density.

When there is no current on the electrode, the electrode is in a balance, and the potential corresponding to the corresponding potential is referred to as a balancing potential (p}. When the current is passed through the electrode. The electrode potential will deviate from the balance value, which is referred to as the polarization of the electrode. Measure The degree of electrode polarization is the absolute value of the potential value and the balance potential value at a certain current density.

Experiments show that when the current is passed on the anode (negative electrode), the electrode potential moves in the positive direction, referred to as an anode polarization; when the current is passed, the electrode potential moves in the negative direction, referred to as cathode polarization.

The balanced electrode potential actually refers to an unlimited external current, an electrode reaction rate is unlimited, and the reaction material on the electrode is not resistant to electrode reaction, and the resulting or resulting electrons are immediately delivered or reactive, and thus maintain the surface of the electrode. The charge state is constant.

The actual electrode process is not possible without resistance, and the current is not unlimited, thus generating polarization and over-potential. According to the properties of the resistance of the electrode (pool) process, the polarization is divided into several types, such as activation overpotels, concentration overvisors, diffusion overpottices, ohmic overvoltothements. 


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