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Power bicycle 2V3000AH deep circulation battery usage

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Power bicycle 2V3000AH deep circulation battery usageUnder the support of national policies, China’s lithium industry has achieved excellent results in recent years. According to the Dynamic Battery Application Branch, China’s power battery installed data shows that China’s power battery installed capacity is about 62.2 gWh in 2019, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. The top ten power battery installed volumes were 54.64GWH, and the concentration was further improved, accounting as high as 87.9%, and the total amount of installed installed in 2018 increased by 5%. In this era of talented people in this Jiangshan, Ningde Times is unique, occupying lithium-electric half-Wan Jiangshan smile, defending the global power battery sales champion throne. BYD and Guoxuan’s high school are ranked 10.76 gWh, 3.31 GWH installed, ranking second, third, “copy” in 2018. What happened to the industry in the top ten companies this year?

Xiahua batteries include: tubular battery, colloidal battery, sealed battery, maintenance-free battery, OPZV tubular colloidal battery, OPZS battery, deep circulation battery
BYD Established: February 1995 BYD is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to “technological innovation to meet people’s good life”. Since 1995, it is currently in BYD in BYD in BYD, Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Dalian Wuhan, Qingdao and other production bases, and has established more than 30 industrial parks around the world to achieve strategic layout in Six continents.
Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd. has a large sealed lead-acid battery capacity: 2V200AH, 2V250AH, 2V300AH, 2V350AH, 2V600AH, 2V800AH, 2V1000AH, 2V1800AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V3000AH, 2V4000AH.
On October 1, 2019, 11 new T8 pure electric washing cars from BYD and Beijing Sanitation Group unveiled in the new China 70th birthday, providing a solid guarantee for the road cleaning of the ceremony. In the same month, Chile opened 100% of the first 100% bus line, 183 pure electric powers that were put into operation were from BYD.
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On November 7, Toyota Motor Company was officially “married” in BYD, and the establishment of a pure electric vehicle R & D company signed a joint venture agreement, and the new company will formally set up in China in 2020, Toyota and BYD have funded 50%. In 2019, BYD accumulated sales reached 461,400, 11.39% year-on-year, but the Song Series and Tang Taiwan Performance were excellent. In 2019, the Song Series accumulated sales in the Song series, which increased by 26.4% year-on-year, Tang series accumulated 76,741 units, increased by 23.6% year-on-year, In 2019, this year of new energy vehicles is critical, and the subsidy resurgence causes the sales of new energy automotive enterprises to decline, and the sales volume of BYD pure electric vehicles rose by 42.5%. In 2019, it was a year of BYD accelerated internationalization. From the pure electric bus to Japan, marriage Toyota and other initiatives, let “national mission”, “China Manufacturing” and “Chinese Zhizhu” Business cards are sent to the world.

“The person in charge of the Municipal Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau introduced the system, the system adopts large data management philosophy, introducing artificial intelligence early warning technology, collecting environmental information for more than 10,000 companies, and automates the air quality data, water environment, key pollution source environmental statistics, automatic monitoring Comprehensive analysis, provide pollution source information management, environmental monitoring, monitoring law enforcement, sewage charges, etc. Regulatory. In terms of environmental supervision law enforcement model, January 20th, Qiongshan District Eco-Environmental Protection Bureau took the lead in the province to trial operation “environmental protection mobile law enforcement system”.



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