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Power tool 2V1200AH three yuan lithium battery production process

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Power tool 2V1200AH three yuan lithium battery production process“The more the lithium battery is discharged, the larger the battery will be,” Aklan University helps the US Space Department NASA research extended Tomhartley, “Tomhartley,” said “Tomhartley”, said, “said” “Charging the battery is charged, The larger the battery will be larger. The lithium battery is good in the middle of the electricity, and the battery life is long. “
First, too high and too low power state has an adverse effect on the life of the lithium battery, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is secondary. In fact, most of the number of replenished charges identified by most commercial appliances or batteries is based on 80% of discharge. Experiments show that for some laptop’s lithium batteries, often make the battery voltage exceeds standard voltage 0.1 volts, that is, from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, then the life of the battery will be reduced, then increased by 0.1 volts, life is reduced to the original 3 One of the long-term low, low power, or the powerless amount of power, which causes the internal resistance of the battery to electron movement, resulting in small battery capacity. NASA NASA makes it a total of 10 percent of the total capacity on the BB space telescope to ensure that the battery can repeatedly charge 100,000 times without having to update.
Second, the temperature also has a large impact on lithium battery life (mobile phones and other small electronic devices negligible). The environment below the freezing point is possible to cause the lithium battery to be turned in an instant to the electronic product, while the overheated environment will reduce the capacity of the battery. Therefore, if the pen electric uses an external power supply does not take the battery, the battery is in the high heat of the notebook for a long time, more mainly, the battery is in the long run of 100 percent, and will be scrapped quickly.
From the above, we can summarize the following points to ensure the precautions for lithium battery capacity and life:

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At present, the battery of most electronics has a lithium battery, and the lithium-ion battery has been developed rapidly since 1990, and it has been developed rapidly due to its excellent performance, and is widely used in society. The lithium battery manufacturer has also received a large scale. developing. You don’t need to charge the lithium battery to 100% full of electricity, do not use the power to use it. In the case of case permit, try to maintain the battery of the battery near the full state, the smaller the magnitude of charging and discharge;
The factory design of General Chevyvolt electric vehicles is to force the battery to maintain battery power at 20% to 80%, while Apple pen electric built-in batteries may also use this method (including other pen electricity and electronics) to make the battery. The number of discharge cycles is increased.
Do not work with lithium batteries (especially notebook lithium batteries) for a long time in the case of using an external power supply. Even if your notebook is well dissipated, 100 percent of 100% is equal to murder of lithium batteries.



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