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Power tools 12V300ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price

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Power tools 12V300ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and priceThe choice of the AGV battery is diverse, so how can I choose a battery for AGV devices * appropriate, performance, security, etc. Let’s first understand the advantages and disadvantages of various batteries, compare each other.

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1. Lead-acid batteries, as an AGV battery used early, its technology is very mature. The type can be divided into a water-based lead-acid battery and a maintenance lead-acid battery. The lead-acid battery is a relatively common battery. It usually needs to be sealed to maintain, but the harmful gas will occur during charging, and few people are currently used. Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the difference is that there is no need to add water to maintenance.

2, the lithium phosphate battery is now the mainstream battery in the market, which can support high-magnification charge and discharge, fast charge function, compared to lead-acid batteries, more energy density, weight and small weight, long service life Advantages such as pollution, but due to the chemical reactions in the battery, it is low in security, and in terms of price, it is higher than the lead-acid battery.

3, three-dimensional lithium battery, is one of these energy density * high, but the safety performance is low, and the magnification charge and discharge is not supported, no fast charge function, and the price is higher.

It can be seen from the advantages and disadvantages of the above three AGV batteries, with the lithium phosphate battery performance ratio * high.



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