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Power wheelchair with 12V75AH lithium battery type introduction

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Power wheelchair with 12V75AH lithium battery type introductionFour points of the forklift battery repair

1. First check the display of the charger and the recording of the charger before the connection of the charger battery and the charger. If there is an error message on the charger panel, the charging of the general battery is not completed. When the charger fails, the charging process is interrupted. At this point, please contact Lind’s after-sales service personnel. When the state of charge is normal, the average voltage of the unit, the output capacity, and the end of the charging end, and then the connection of the battery and the charger is disconnected.

2. Clear dust on the surface of the forklift battery, avoid the formation of a discharge circuit on the surface of the battery, shorten the battery discharge time. But please pay attention not to rinse with water, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

3. Check the connection of the forklift battery pack to the battery power output line to ensure that the battery is connected well, ensuring that the current output is stable.

4. After connecting the battery plug to the forklift battery power outlet, check whether the level of each battery electrolyte is within the standard range. If the liquid level of the electrolytic solution is low, distilled water should be added to the standard range (generally required the liquid surface of the electrolyte to cover 10-15 mm. Conditional can use the automatic water heating system of the battery to ensure that the water is properly added The liquid surface). Conditionally use the battery’s automatic water heating system to ensure that the level of water is properly added. The battery is connected to the power outlet of the forklift battery after the fusion.

Forklift battery standard cycle

The forklift battery is the main components of the logistics industry. If the cycle is not developed, the efficiency of logistics processing will be greatly reduced. The diesel forklifts are seen in our daily life. Diesel engine driven forklift environment, emissions a large amount of exhaust gas. It will inevitably be replaced by the electric forklift in the future. The traditional forklift battery steering system adopts a mechanical steering or hydraulic power steering. The disadvantage of mechanical steering is that the manipulation is large, the operator is easy to fatigue, and the disadvantage of hydraulic power steering is to waste energy. The electron steering is not only small, but also about 25% more than the hydraulic power.
The Huizhong lithium battery has a high-spirited characteristics of the discharge platform, high safety, long life, and excellent low temperature performance.


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