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Railway DC power supply 12V100AH ​​deep circulation battery usage method

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Railway DC power supply 12V100AH ​​deep circulation battery usage methodWuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in lead-acid batteries, system solution companies, and the company has 18 years of battery production experience, 10 years of system solution experience. Products are mainly used in communication equipment, bank emergency systems, solar power systems, wind water conservancy power systems, home off-grid power generation.

Colloidal maintenance battery meets the following criteria:

1, JIS C 8707-1992 Cathode absorbent huizhong solar street lamp rubber battery has a long life, good low temperature performance, easy maintenance, long-term use of time and other advantages and fixed type lead-acid battery standards

2, GB / T19638.2-2005 Refixed valve sealing lead-acid battery standard for the People’s Republic of China

3, YD / T 799-2002 People’s Republic of China Communications Industry Standard

4, DL / T 637-1997 China Power Industry Standard

Decided by the Government of Pingxi Township Town, Tiexi District, Tiexi District, the responsibility of Liu Wenzhao, the head of Pingxi Township Environmental Sanitary Remediation Office, was given administrative warnings. Case 7: Tonghua Dongchang District Petrochemical Open-air market sewage pollution The sewage pollution environment, the sewage of the sewage in the street small square, the disadvantage of the disadvantage. After investigation, the mass reporting problem is true. The research decided by the Urban and Rural Development Bureau of Tonghua City, Wang Hongyi, deputy director of Tonghua City Management Detachment, Tonghua Municipal Engineering Management Agency, did not have the correct implementation of work responsibilities.

Nano-silica gel is used in lead-acid batteries. Inorganic nano-silica gel (Gelled) is a dispersion system that is a special state in which material is present, not a special substance. The author believes that the technical principle of the current colloid lead-acid battery is not accurate. It is electrochemical thermodynamic problem or electrochemical kinetics. If the technical route is positioned according to colloidal electrolyte lead-acid battery, the basic principle is explained, due to its non-participation chemistry reaction. Correct is to explain the basic principles of electrochemical kinetics in surface chemistry. The inorganic nanocarbon-free lead-acid battery has a high purity nano-phase silica (FURNED SiO2), colloidal SiO2 is analyzed as a nanomaterial semiconductor doping and surface modified catalyst. If the electrochemical catalytic theory, SiO2 is used as Catalyst carrier, adsorption catalytic metal particles together. Various particles are anchored by various forms of bonding anchored on the surface of the carrier, and the giant surface area of ​​the surface-modified nanoparticle carrier and the overlap activation carrier of the microparticle surface doped electronic track strongly affects the activity of the catalyst. SiO2, Si (OH), H2SiO3, etc. are not in the lead-acid battery, which is not based on electrochemical thermodynamics. The law is involved in the current stream reaction: no SiO2, H2SiO3 and other compounds in the double stream reaction, so it is not a reactant, see the reaction equation :
PB + 2H2S04 + PBO2 == 2pbsO4 + 2H2O.
The pH is affected by the gel time to the silica sol. In a significant acidity, the gelling time is large, the gelling time is extension, and the PH = 2 is an equal electricity point, the sol gel * is slow. If an electrolyte is contained in the gel, the gel can conduct electricity, participate in the transfer of the charge of the semiconductor electrons and the electrolyte. When the gel is large, the ion migration speed is reduced, and the conductance value will decrease.



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