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Railway DC power supply 12V120ahagm battery specifications and model

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Railway DC power supply 12V120ahagm battery specifications and modelLithium and sodium are students from energy universities, they are all alkali metal families. The two characters are similar, and interest in interest is always a good partner that is moving. One day of graduation season, lithium and sodium saw the recruitment of electricity banks, and the two were taken, and they decided to apply.
They carefully prepared their own job resume. Let’s take a look at their information!

Wuxi Huizhong is a company specializing in the production of OPZS tube-type batteries. The OPZS model is complete, the price is low, the quality is good, the after-sales service is timely, and the delivery is timely.
During the interview process, lithium on the interviewer’s question is very heart-handed, and his personal characteristics are ideal for current banking needs. * The final lithium is successfully hired, and sodium can only leave. Lithium came to the power bank to work, the entire power bank is particularly lively, everyone thinks that this electrochemical activity is so high, can bring new power to the development of the bank.
At first, lithium mainly served as a negative work, and the company’s performance is red. Without the expected expectations, lithium plaque color in the project cooperated with the positive electrode dioxide, only 2 million batteries sold in only one year. However, everyone did not notice that lithium has breeded a chronic disease in the battery cycle – lithium branch crystal. The ideal path is not smooth, and unfortunately comes soon. Some batteries have caused fires due to lithium branches, and everyone began to have a trust crisis to lithium, and lithium also once in the company.
Huizhong Valve Control Sealed Lead Acid Battery The voltage of 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 1.2V, 3V, 3.2V, 3.6V, 3.7V, 11.1V, 12.8V Wait
Lithium is not discouraged, in a few years, he found cobalt, manganese, iron, phosphorus, oxygen, constructed lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, and formed his positive electrode together team.
Lithium also realizes the hazard of its lithium dendrites, signed a cooperation agreement with the graphite negative electrode and EC electrolyte. At this point, lithium metal no longer serves as a negative work.
Lithium established a new energy storage department – lithium ion battery. In this sector, lithium itself is only involved in the entire project in the form of ions, and a energy storage solution called “embedded extraction” is finally realized, and it is coming to the era of lithium!
Common imported batteries include: Sanyo battery, Panasonic battery, LG battery, Samsung lithium battery.
The promotion of the new project is in full swing, and it is also recognized by everyone, lithium rushing to portable electronic equipment, electric cars, drones and other partners. Traditional fossil energy causes increasing environmental pollution problems, and the wide use of renewable energy is widely utilized. Energy Power Bank’s high-level decision establishes a large-scale energy storage group, such a wide range of applications in life. Make lithium somewhat labored for lithium to think of the sodium of your friends, and determined to invite this friend to come back to assist him. Sodium has been cooperating with sulfur these years to carry out energy storage work (sodium sulfur batteries) at high temperatures, but their projects are also experienced by safety problems. The seaside and wife’s chlorine vacation have received the invitation of lithium, and it feels that the energy storage solution that lithium said yourself can try.
Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd. has a large sealed lead-acid battery capacity: 2V200AH, 2V250AH, 2V300AH, 2V350AH, 2V600AH, 2V800AH, 2V1000AH, 2V1800AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V3000AH, 2V4000AH.
It has entered the middle-aged sodium, which can finally stand on the speaker, proposing its own unique opinions on energy development: large-scale energy storage is the key to renewable energy practicalization!
The success of lithium also made people recall that he himself as a negative struggle, and more and more people began to find ways to inhibit the growth of dendrites. The sodium energy storage project has also achieved great progress in recent years and has received more and more attention.
On the wide storage road, they work together and strive to use their own careers to change the future of energy!

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