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Railway DC power supply 12V18AH battery life factors

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Railway DC power supply 12V18AH battery life factorsWuxi Huizhong Company Valve Sealed Lead Acid Battery Product Model is:

12V0.8AH, 12V 1.2AH, 12V 2ah, 12V 2.2ah, 12V 3ah, 12V 3.3ah,

4V 4.AH, 4V 6ah,

6V 5ah, 6V ​​6AH, 6V 7AH, 6V 8AH, 6V 9AH, 6V 10ah, 6V ​​12ah, 6V ​​14ah, 6V ​​20ah, 6V ​​90AH, 6V 100AH, 6V 150AH, 6V 200AH, 6V 220AH,

2V 200ah, 2V 250AH, 2V 300AH, 2V 400ah, 2V 420AH, 2V 500AH, 2V 600AH 2V 800AH, 2V 1000AH, 2V 1200AH, 2V 1500AH, 2V 2000AH, 2V 2500AH, 2V 3000AH

EPS manufacturers include: Zhejiang Wade, Sanfu, Koiri, Shi Ming, Great Chuang, Jin Hong, Hefei Saier, Hefei, Hefei Chengmeng, Hefei Feng Ying, Hefei Sanchuan, Hefei Huaxing, Fuzhou Fu Xin, Fuzhou Hui On the day, Fuzhou Wanjou, Fujian Top, Quanzhou Guangshi, Quanzhou Quan’an, Xiamen Kaji, Xiamen East CITIC, Xiamen Fushan, Foshan Electric Lighting, Nanjing Anime, Nanjing Fire, Nanjing Guotai Fire, Nantong China Railway Huayu, Nantong Rit, Suzhou Ark, Suzhou Dongchewan, Suzhou Zhenhui, Hebei Gangqiang Power Supply, Langfang is in Sat, Hubei Huizhong Electronics.

Discharge curve

10 hours (0.1 ca), 5 hour rate (0.17 ca), 3 hour rate (0.25 ca) discharge termination voltage is: 1.8V / single; 1 hour rate (0.55ca) discharge termination voltage is: 1.75V / single grid. When the battery is used, the discharge termination voltage * should not be less than 1.0V / single, to ensure that the battery will not be discharged.

Charging curve

The battery requires a constant voltage limit. The charging voltage is within 13.65 ± 0.02V / stage. The charging equipment must maintain a constant function and the voltage regulatory accuracy is less than 1%, and the * large current does not exceed 0.25c10a in the moment of charging.

“We quickly grasp the full set of technology from design to command and construction. Horizontal drilling is the core technology in shay gas mining. Fuling Shale gas field attempts to use the “three maps” tracking method for drilling orientation, and now there is now a mature three-dimensional visual geological guide technology, and the drill can “smell” “taste” advancement. The bridge is also a core component that is an essential shale gas mining, and its mechanical properties and compressiveness requirements are very strict. “Taking the pressure resistance as an example, it is necessary to reach a few tens or even the pressure of 100 MPa, the pressure instantaneous release can penetrate a steel sheet of 1 cm thick.

Surface modification of nano silica powder SiO2
1) Silica powder selection and modified chemical selection of gas-phase silica (Fumed SiO2), also known as white carbon black, domestic gas phase silica, Germany De Guosa Company A 200 or Germany Wick Company N 20, with a specific surface area of ​​200 m2 / g, particle diameter of 12 to 100 nm. The amount of powder ratio is 0.5% to 2% wt. The white carbon black SiO2 hydroxy content spherical particles S-SiO2 contain 36%; porous particles P-SiO2 content 48%.
Some substances of the equidistant pH value:

SiO2 1.8, TiO2 4.7, SNO2 4.5, A1 (OH) 3 35.0, MgO 12.0
2) Fill organic chemical material modifiers
(1) Modified mechanism and organic chemical material modified organic chemical materials for its application thereof are mainly silane coupling agents and some polymer active agents. The coupling agent is a chemical substance of the amphoteric structure, and a part of the coupling agent can be reacted with a strong chemical bonding with various functional groups of the particles, and the other group can be chemically reacted with an organic highlighted material or Physical winding, according to its chemical structure, a silane coupling agent, a titanate coupling agent, an aluminate coupling agent, and a zirconate coupling agent, etc. The coupling agent is suitable for the system of organic highlighters and inorganic particulate fillers, the surface-modified inorganic particle filler surface modified, so that the surface of the particles is organified, thereby improving the comprehensive performance of the composite material. The silane coupling agent is one of the low molecular silicon compound having a particular structure whose formula is RSIX3, R represents an active group having a relative ability and reaction capability with the polymer molecule, and X represents a hydrolyzed alkoxy group. Depending on the different silane coupling agent of the R group in the molecular structure, it can be divided into amino silane, epoxy silicone ethane, etc. Application coupling agent also needs to be fitted with an inorganic or organic surface modifier, a high molecular dispersant surfactant, or the like, such as. Phosphate, borate, naphthylgalic acid formaldehyde condensate, polypropylene acid, ethylene glycol, propylene acid, etc.



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