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Railway DC power supply 12V200AHAGM battery specifications and models

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Railway DC power supply 12V200AHAGM battery specifications and modelsGenerally, the owner will have the battery used to boast 10ah’s battery pack. They can run to 50-60 km.

Under normal circumstances, 10AH battery pack is placed on a motor having a power of 350W, and its discharge current is about 7.3A, and its discharge time is 10ah / 7.3a = 1.37 h, and the motor vehicle speed of 350W is 30km / h, so it Travel distance

1.37 * 30 = 41.1km, so consumers will think that the performance of the battery is not good, in fact, the seller is boasting.

From August 10, the Central Committee of the Central Committee officially entered Hainan and launched a one-month environmental protection inspector. During the inspectors, the inspectors insisted on inspected the inspections, while handling, and rectified the principles of rectification, and promoted the environmental issues in time. In a month, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector team was transferred to our province to the thirty-one batch of people’s total number of newspapers, and involved 3732 environmental issues. As of September 9, the 1st to 20th batch of the first to and 20th batch of a total of 1621 cases have been disclosed in the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group, of which 928 were true, and some of them were 576, and the situation was not true 107. Take 974 pieces according to law (the situation is not the statistics on the statistics), and 647 are underway.

Factors affecting the tram running:

Load weight of the car

2. The flatness of the road

3. Environment (temperature and humidity) used by tram

4. Users brakes

5. The size of the wheel (the power is the same, the speed is the same, the faster the wheel is, so the distance running)

6. Users control the speed of tram


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