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Railway DC power supply 12V20AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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Railway DC power supply 12V20AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersOn February 11th, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the National Energy Administration jointly developed the “Involvency Technology Professional Discipline Development Action Plan (2020-2024)”, the goal is effort for 5 years, and has added several energy storage technology undergraduate majors. Secondary disciplines and cross-disciplines, and the storage technology talents training professional discipline system is increasing, the scale of this MSB talent training structure and spatial layout are scientifically reasonable, promote the construction of several energy storage technology (research institute), building a batch of energy storage technology Teaching and integrating innovation platforms, driving energy storage technology key link research reaches international leadership, forming a batch of key technical specifications and standards, effectively promoting energy revolution and energy Internet development.

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Third, key measures

(1) Accelerate the construction of the discipline, improve the macro layout of the domestic storage technology discipline

1. Layout construction of energy storage technology related majors. In Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei, Northeast, Yangtze River Belt, Yangtze River Delta, Northwest, etc. Upgrade material physics, material chemistry, new energy science and engineering, new energy materials and devices have existing professional. Accelerate the construction standards, training programs, curriculum systems, and teaching materials system for energy storage technology related majors.

2. Accelerate the development of energy storage technology disciplines. Support relevant universities in the primary discipline of power engineering and engineering thermal physics, electrical engineering, etc. The connotation of disciplines, promoting energy storage technology and related discipline depth integration, and improve the system of energy storage technology.

3. Scientifically distribute the increment of talent culture stocks. Adhere to the amount of transfer, increasing, guide colleges and universities to optimize enrollment structure, and increase the support of new storage technology disciplines, reasonable identification of hierarchies. Combined with regional energy demand and energy supply characteristics, the overall scale and space layout of the planning energy storage technology discipline, focusing on the basis of construction disciplines, after the development, the service is clear, and the service is clear. In-depth investigation and predict the personnel needs and supplies of the relevant majors in energy storage technology, establish the linkage mechanism of enrollment, cultivation and employment.

No. 8, 2017, in accordance with the “Notice of the National Energy Administration on Printing and Distributing and Implementation Rules” The primary industry standard, including 54 energy standards (NBs), 66 electricity standards (DL), is now released. The power management and electrical equipment standards were published by China Electric Press, and the two AC arc furnace was published by China Standard Press. The power planning and design standard was published by China Plan Press, and the coal construction standard was published by coal industry. Social publishing, rural energy and biomass criteria are published by China Agriculture Press.



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