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Railway DC power supply 12V45A deep circulation battery maintenance rules

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Railway DC power supply 12V45A deep circulation battery maintenance rulesZhejiang Wanjong Yibong Power Battery Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established by Wanxiang Group and US Ener1 Inc., the registered capital is $ 120 million, and the main business is a lithium-ion battery and is assembled by a power battery. The design, service and technology upgrade of lithium-ion battery systems. Universal Billion Power Patent Technology comes from US Ener1 companies, using ENER1 automatic battery pack assembly technology.

1. In the sintering of lithium iron phosphate preparation, iron oxide is reduced to a monochromic iron under high temperature reductive atmosphere. Single tabular iron will cause micro short circuit of the battery, which is a battery in the battery. This is also the main reason why Japan has not used the material as a power-based lithium-ion battery positive material.

2. There are some performance defects in lithium lithium phosphate, such as the vibration density and the compact density, resulting in a low energy density of the lithium ion battery. The low temperature performance is poor, even if it is not adding its nanochemical and carbon cladding. Dr. Don Hillebrand, Director of the International Laboratory System Center, USA, talked about the low temperature performance of lithium phosphate iron batteries, and he used Terrible to describe the lithium-ion battery test results show that the lithium iron phosphate battery is low temperature. The electric vehicle cannot be driven by (0 ¡ã C or less). Although there are also manufacturers claiming that the lithium phosphate iron battery is not bad at low temperature, but is that the discharge current is small and the discharge cutoff voltage is low. In this case, the equipment cannot be started at all.

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