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Railway DC power supply 12V85AHOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation method

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Railway DC power supply 12V85AHOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation methodProfessor Suzhou University Huang Xiaoqing Nat. Commun .: CEO2 nano-loaded rhodium single atomic catalyst high efficiency transformed methane-containing organic compound

Methane (CH4) is one of the chemical production of methanol (CH3OH) and other high value-added chemicals * attractive raw materials, but the traditional process is indirectly converted to the CH3OH by synthesis gas (H2 and CO) in conventional processes. The energy consumption process is performed under conditions. Therefore, in the chemical industry, CH4 is directly converted to CH3OH (DMC) is considered to be a “dream response”, and it has been research in decades. Although current catalysts and industrial studies have made great progress, since the selective activation of C-H bonds in gentle conditions is very difficult, the DMC is prepared to prepare an oxygen-containing organic compound still has great challenging.

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The noble metal base single atomic catalyst (SACS) has become a new front edge in the field of non-uniform catalytic fields due to its large surface atomic ratio, low metal center coordination environment and strong metal-vector interaction. In this paper, the Supreme University Huang Xiaoying professor, Xu Yong, a special researcher, and the Shanghai Jiaotong University Qianbo Special Researcher, etc., using simple hydrothermal methods to successfully synthesize RH-based SACS (SAS RH-CEO2NWS) on CEO2 nanowires, and the results show that Under the conditions of 50 ° C H2O2, SAS RH-CeO2-NWs can be prepared as a high-efficiency catalyst of an oxygenate containing an oxygenated compound as a DMC. Unlike previous work, this work reveals that the carrier CEO2-NWS anchored RH-SAS is involved in the formation of free radicals, thereby further enhancing the DMC catalytic activity, the total yield and selectivity of the oxygenate reach 1231.7 mmolgrh, respectively. 1H? 1 and 93.9%, better than other catalysts reported by the literature. Through the in situ characterization and theoretical calculations, the CEO2 nano-crystalline carrier plays an important role in the formation of OOH and? OH free radicals; can SAS RH-CEO2-NWS selectively activate CH4 to? CH3, further and? OOH and • OH free radicals form CH3OH and CH3OOH. 


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