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Railway DC power supply with 12V17AHVRLA battery capacity and voltage attention

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Railway DC power supply with 12V17AHVRLA battery capacity and voltage attentionEPS topology design is not a simple combination

Some people think: EPS (electronic part) = rectified / charger + inverter + output conversion switch (kit) + control unit and other components can constitute a emergency power supply. Nice, the basic unit of the EPS is composed of the above part, but in order to meet the whole machine reliability (MTBF), how the reliability of each basic unit is * reasonable? The following formula tells us: EPSMTBF = (Rectifier / Charger) MTBF + (inverter) MTBF + (Conversion Switch) MTBF + (Control Unit) MTBF
As can be seen from the above formula, the MTBF of the EPS machine is superimposed by MTBF of most parts, so the overall design of the EPS requires detailed research, analysis, calculating MTBF of most parts, improves the MTBF of weak components, and the overall safety life from EPS The needs of the cycle are configured to configure the safety life cycle of the major components.

Such positioning is also practical in line with our industry. On the one hand, China’s automotive industry is weak, and now foreign cars running on the street have been more than independent. China has always wanted to achieve curve overtaking in new energy vehicles, and even be dominated. After all, the gap in this area is not very big. On the other hand, China’s less oil poly coal, long-term, as a global crude oil import country, severely subject to international supply, in recent years, to vigorously develop shale gas, flawed and other very controversial techniques are also helpless choices. In this context, the overall energy consumption is inevitable from oil, and it is the first to have a lot of oil.



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