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Relevance of battery forklift accessories and electric forklift

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Relevance of battery forklift accessories and electric forkliftThe electric forklift is a loading and unloading and handling vehicle with a DC power supply (battery). In the new material, the new process, the most important embodiment is the application of the transistor controller (SCR and MOS tube). Its appear to make the performance of the electric forklift It has been greatly improved, from general, the durability, reliability and applicability of electric forklifts have been significantly improved, and can be competed with the internal combustion engine forklift.
1. Optional and daily inspection items for electric forklifts are as follows
a, fork fork, paired two bifurcies thick, and the fork should be the same. The angle of the two-shelf vertical segment and the horizontal section should also be consistent. After the fork is installed, the plane on the two buses should be kept in the same plane, and there should be no high and low dislocation.
b, fork daily inspection: There is no crack surface on the surface of the fork, and the welds of each part shall not be welded. The root angle is not greater than 93 ¡ã, the thickness is not lower than the original size of 90%; the height of the left and the right height shall not exceed 3% of the length of the fork level; the fork positioning should be reliable, the fork is hooked. The positioning surface must not have obvious defects; the mating gap between the fork and the gerbera should not be too large, and the move is smooth.
C. About the multi-channel valve, during the forklift maintenance (secondary maintenance or three-level maintenance), as long as the multi-channel valve is working properly, there is no need to open when the forklift is maintained.
If the forklift multi-channel stem sealing oil leaks, only the lower cover or remove the valve stem, replace the seal; if the safety valve leaks, the seat can be used to grind the seat. The valve stem is worn, which can be grinded after chrome. When you remove the forklift multi-channel valve, you must maintain a high degree of cleaning. After being installed, adjust the safety valve and confirm that the seal is in good condition.
2, universal joint assembly requirements and maintenance of the forklift universal joint
A. When assembling the universal joint assembly, the mating gap between the journal and the bearing is 0.02-0.09 mm, and the maximum gap must not be greater than 0.13 mm.
B. The threads of the bearing cover should be fastened, and the stop slot and pin ring should not be loose.
C, the cross-axle journal surfaces are scores, lats and journal wear greater than 0.04 mm, can be sealed or plated. You can also sharpen the four axis neck to the same size, and then apply a needle needle needle, while the carbon layer is insufficient after shrinking the journal, it should be carburized and heat treatment. The journal degree and the cylindrical error after grinding should be no more than 0.01 mm; the verticality error of the two axes should be no more than 0.1 mm.
D, universal joint bearing rolling needle wear, rupture, groove, etc. should be replaced.
E, the universal sliding bed should be replaced when there is cracking.
f, when the needle coil is worn, a surfacing method can be repaired, and then the bore is bored to the mating size 


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