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Research Status of Secondary Battery of Zinc Nickel Battery and Cadmium Nickel Battery

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Research Status of Secondary Battery of Zinc Nickel Battery and Cadmium Nickel BatteryZinc nickel batteries have significant advantages than energy, environmental protection, etc., compared to cadmium-nickel batteries, lead-acid batteries, which makes research and development of the series of batteries with great attraction. Since the 1960s, countries have invested in a large number of human, material, and the LawrenceBerkeley Institute of the United States, General Motors (GM), Energy Research Corporation (ERC), and Japan’s Tangfa, Panasonic Company, Battery Company, Sanyo Company. The study of sealing zinc nickel batteries has been launched.

The main technical problem in the zinc nickel battery is: the deformation of the zinc electrode during the repeated charge discharge process, the zinc acid salt reaction product is dissolved in the electrolytic solution to the toxicity of the nickel electrode and the composite of the internal gas. Focusing on the above problems, a large number of research work has been carried out in terms of zinc electrodes and electrolytic solutions, and has made certain progress. In order to inhibit the deformation of the zinc electrode and the growth of dendrites, an appropriate amount of Ca (OH) Z is added to the Zn electrode active material to form zinc acid calcium [CaZn2 (OH) S · H20], thereby reducing the Zn electrode in an alkaline electrolyte The dissolution of LiOH and Nazsios is used to delay the dissolution and deposition of zinc sinens; the alkaline solid polymer electrolyte is evolved; increasing a catalytic composite device is advantageous to speed up the gas composite speed and reduce the internal pressure of the battery.

Although the above work greatly promotes the practical process of zinc nickel batteries, there have been a small amount of commercial battery, but the depth cycle, the zinc electrode variable change and dendritic growth problem cannot be effectively solved, so that the battery charge and discharge depth is limited 60% below, affecting the scale production and application of zinc nickel batteries.

For basic zinc manganese batteries, the case is more optimistic. Since the positive electrode MN02 is extremely poor in the alkaline solution, the battery can only receive a cycle life of about 200 weeks even in a 35% shallow charging depth.

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