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Share the operation instructions of electric forkt, “forklift dry goods”

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Share the operation instructions of electric forkt, Electric forklift refers to the vehicle-driven vehicle, you need to understand various operation methods, avoid inertia mistakes, simple sharing, daily forklift operation guidance, including forklift repair, debugging, various forklift battery components, can be reduced Subsequent repair service costs:

Electric forklift installation and commissioning

Before starting the electric forklift, you must check if all components are in good condition, check the performance of all operating components and security devices. Moving forklifts can only be generated with a battery, and it is absolutely uncapacity to avoid damage to the electronic components. You must check if the brake and battery are fully charged before moving the forklift.


Turn on the electric lock, move the rudder to its moving position, slowly turn the accelerator, move to the corresponding working area. The forward rotating the accelerator runs forward, and the rear rotation accelerator is driven back, and the accelerator returns to the intermediate position. Start, stop or change exercise should be slow because sudden movement may cause danger (due to inertial role, especially high-speed walking).


The load should be low in low position when walking, and the height of the fork is not exceeded by more than 300 mm, the stenosis channel or the curved road should be decelerated.

Stacking operation of electric forklift

1) The load is low, carefully close to the shelf (the platform must erect, the driver stands on the ground).

2) Determine the front leg of the forklift can be sent freely in the tray or shelf.

3) Lift load until it raises to the place above the shelf.

4) Slowly move the electric forklift forward, stop when the load is on the shelf, reduce the fork to exit from the tray, determine that the load is safely placed, and the force is not applied to the following shelf.

5) After the slow back, make sure the tray is stably maintained on the shelf.

6) Reduce the fork back to the movement position.

Electric forklift unloading operation

1) Reduce the fork is handing near the shelf, and then enter its bottom.

2) The fork exits from the bottom of the shelf.

3) Raise the fork to the required height, determine the fork easily enter the tray, slowly approaching the loading of the cargo tray until the load is safely placed safely on the fork.

4) From the liter of the trip until the tray is raised from the shelf.

5) Slow post away from the passage.

6) Slow reduction load simultaneously determines that the fork will not encounter obstacles during the decline.

Electric forklift battery

The test, charging and replacement of the battery must be performed by the professionals. The charging site must maintain a good ventilation, electric forklift or charger is strictly prohibited to fireworks or flammable and easy to produce spark. The capacity and size of the battery will affect the stability of the forklift, so if you want to install a non-standard battery, it is intelligent to be related to the manufacture of high contacts and achieve relevant recognition.

Electric forklift battery charging operation

The battery temperature should be checked before start charging, should be less than 30 ¡ã C, the electrolyte liquid is not less than the separator (such as below the separator, filling with distilled water to the baffle), then check the wire performance. Connect the battery charging socket (a) to the charger charging plug (B) to place the charging device in the open (ON) position. During charging, the battery temperature must not exceed 45 ¡ã C, such as exceeding, stop charging, let the battery cool down, then restart charging at a lower current.


Charging End Charger charging current is discharged, “Stop” lights up. At this time, the switch is turned off, and the battery socket can be unplugged from the charger plug (b). Normal charging can last 14 ~ 16 hours, the electrolyte density of each monomer battery after charging should reach 1.27 to 1.29 kg / 1.25 ¡ã C; the voltages of the major monomer batteries are approximately 2.7V. Wise practice is to recharge the battery after each working day.

Warning: The battery is never allowed to discharge! Avoid partial charging, allowing to charge the charger to make a charging completion signal.

Electric forklift replacement battery

1) Remove the battery stationary screw.

2) remove the cable from the battery terminal.

3) Slide or hang out the battery.

4) Install the battery in the reverse process indicated above, fastened and connected correctly. (Alternative battery must be the same model)


1) Charging should be in good ventilation, open the cap or take the battery from the forklift.

2) Never allow the battery to be exposed to an open fire, and the formed explosive gas may cause a fire.

3) Never do a temporary wiring or error wiring.

4) The terminals must be tensioned and the cable insulation must be reliable.

5) The battery should be cleaned, dried, and dust is removed.

6) Do not place tools or other metal objects on the battery.

7) The temperature of the electrolyte during charging must not exceed 45 ¡ã C.

8) Charging End To check the electrolyte liquid surface, it should be 15mm above the separator, and under normal circumstances, the distilled water is generally replenished once.

9) Avoid contact with skin and acid solution, once in contact with a lot of soapy water or ask doctors.

10) Waste batteries should be handled according to local regulations.

Electric forklift maintenance

The maintenance of the electric forklift must be carried out by the professional, at least once a year, a comprehensive examination, after each maintenance, the performance of the forklift and its safety devices is checked. Check for forklifts to avoid danger of stopping or hurt


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