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Shenzhen Yuyeong reminds you to pay attention: the use of lead-acid batteries

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Shenzhen Yuyeong reminds you to pay attention: the use of lead-acid batteriesProducts of lead-acid batteries:

1. Avoid direct contact with metal containers, which should use an acid and heat-inspiration material, otherwise it will cause smoke or combustion.
2. Use the specified charger to charge under the specified criteria, otherwise the battery may cause overheating, deflation, leak, combustion or rupture.
3. Do not install the battery in a sealed device, otherwise it may make the equipment burst.
4. When using the battery in a health care device, please install the backup power supply outside the main power, otherwise the main power supply will cause harm.
5. Place the battery away from the place where the spark equipment can be generated, otherwise the spark may cause the battery to smoke or rupture. 
6. Do not place the battery near the heat source (such as transformer), otherwise it will cause overheating, leak, burning or rupture. 
7. When the number of batteries in the application exceeds one, make sure that the battery is connected and the charger or load connection is correct, otherwise the battery is broken, combustion or battery damage, in some cases, will hurt people. 
8, pay special attention to let the battery on the feet.
9. The specified use range of the battery is as follows. Being out of this range may cause battery damage. 
The normal operating range of the battery is: 77.f (25 ¡ã C)
After the battery is discharged (mounted in the device): 5.f to 122.f (-15 ¡ã C to 50 ¡ã C)
After charging: 32.f to 104.f (0 ¡ã C to 40 ¡ã C)
In stock: 5.f to 104.f (-15 ¡ã C to 40 ¡ã C)
10. Do not put the battery on the locomotive at a high temperature, direct sunlight, the stove or fire, otherwise it may cause a battery to leak, fire or rupture.
11. Do not use the battery in a dusty place, may cause a battery short circuit. When using a battery in a dust environment, check the battery reg 


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